This Palm Sunday, March 28th, starts the week of the creation of our World

Around 25 years ago I was using the 1st day of Spring as the first day of the creation, not realizing I needed the Passover Spring FULL MOON. (I included this with my 22 now 23 mysteries of the faith that I give to the Catholic world). Adam was created on Good Friday. I guess you could add this to another reason we call it GOOD FRIDAY. So here you have the people of Jerusalem cheering and glorifying the Lord as he rides into town and little did they know it was the week in which they began their existence. Ex: 12. The reading on Good Friday, and Holy Saturday Gen: 1, is the Scriptural source with the Passover tradition.

There isn’t anything in the scriptures that can tell us when God made Eve, or how long they lived in the garden of paradise before they were expelled.

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Of the book of the Apocalypse, every living person alive right now is an American

Test your geography knowledge - Americas: countries map quiz | Lizard Point  Quizzes

Posted today on my web site where I said I would explain later that all the living persons and some other revelations in the book of the Apocalypse have to do with America. First you have to understand that all these Vatican II popes are all AntiChrists as I explain in my 22 Mysteries of the Faith article and elsewhere.

In reading an article in the RNS one of the writers stated that we have our first American pope. So I thought to myself, hey, that would also make him the first American “AntiChrist.”  Remember I had the first and Main False prophet in the Apocalypse as the Rev Billy Graham, who was succeeded by President Trump and now, (St) Joseph Biden. Remember every coin has two sides but still the same coin. ALL American. The Church takes refuge in the United States Apoc. 12:14. The Eagle is the symbol of the U.S. here.

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New Year’s Resolutions + Christ’s Return

It’s always prudent to examine our past as we start off the New Year.

Were we judgmental before knowing all of the facts?
Were you aware that foolishness is sinful?
How much gossip were we involved in?
Were we honest with ourselves in 2020?
How much charity did we express among the Brethren.
Did we show our love for the truth and the facts?
Are we putting private revelations above the deposit of Faith?
What did we do to help the Faithful foster Unity last year?
Did we check the reliability of a story before forwarding it to others?

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Statements from JP and answers from JS (Joseph Saraceno)

Trump Continues To Belittle The Media And Hillary Clinton At Rallies |  Fortune

Dear Sir: In response to your letter.                 
JP: I cannot understand why the Bible belt holds such a scoundrel as an ideal Christian. (President Trump)

JS: Because they believe in repentance and put their faith in someone who was never a Politian like Hilary Clinton.

JP: I hope the fellow will be punished for tax default, cheating the students of his Trump school etc. I hope and wish that his supporters will raise the money to keep him out of jail.

JS: So, so I guess you support the Black Lives Matter movement who looted and burned down businesses, killed people in the name of justice.

JP: As for Christianity, try to follow the clear teachings of Jesus espoused in the 4 Gospels instead of hanging on Johns dreams, which can be interpreted in a thousand ways. 

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A future “Reign of Mary” before the Coming of the Lord?

Mary Immaculate Queen of the Universe RC Church, Parish of Bourg Mulatresse  - Home | Facebook

With the possible loss of the election to a true example of a Conciliar Church member, Joe Biden, who openly supports the killing pre-partum and post-partum human babies, sodomy and taking of religion out of the public square, agreeing with those who say the Catholic Faith promotes hate speech, the question once more arises whether those traditional Catholics will continue to support a condemned form of Millenarianism or recognize that we are awaiting for the return of Christ as the final end approaches.

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Joseph’s letter to Facebook friends

Is There a Limit to How Many Facebook Friends You Can Have?

Dear Facebook friends;

It hurts me to tell you the sad situation we find ourselves with the status of the church and society today. The Vatican II council compromised our Faith and has brought us into “The Great Apostasy,” (schism) Spoken of by St. Paul the Apostle and other Apostles.

This new church teaches that one can be saved in any Religion and that the Catholic Religion is not the only means of salvation. Other changes included the Bible, changed, Isaias 7:14, prophecy from a “VIRGIN shall conceive, to a young women with child,” casting doubt not only on Our Lady’s Virginity but on the Divinity of Our Lord, found in, the American, Ignatius & Oxford Bibles. The changed Mass. “Go out from Her my people, for Her Sins have reached even into Heaven.” Heaven on earth is the Mass and the Church. Apocalypse 18:4-5. Sources listed on my end times website.

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The Transfiguration, Aug. 6, The Assumption and Speculative Theology

One of the reasons for the transfiguration of Our Lord  was to demonstrate the relationship between our body and our ghost, (soul). The reason being to what transpires during the general judgment. “In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye,…” I Corin. 15:52. 

At some of my lectures, often to illustrate, I’d go over to a light switch, pointing to the light bulb in the off position, saying, with the light bulb turned off, think of it as our physical body. When God turns the switch to on, you go immediately to your Ghost, and those who go to heaven in our glorified body, (we become like the Angels). However once in this state of our Ghosts it still takes a week during the general judgment for all to be judged then after sent to our destinations. Heaven or Hell.  (Pentecost Sunday to the eve of Trinity Sunday.)  Apoc. 17:11. (Pentecost symbol).

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Pope Leo XIII “Unity of the Church”

“It is as wrong to divide the Church as to fall into heresy.”
Pope Leo XIII 29 June 1896 Unity of the Church ~Encyclical “Satis Cognitum.”

Dear friends of the faith:
In as much as there are different opinions among traditionalists on the status of the church today, it is safe to say that after 50 years no agreements are going to be reached among the Fathers before the Second Coming of Christ. To Illustrate, three different Missals are used among the faithful. The SSPX uses the 62 Missal. CMRI uses the 53 Missal and the SSPV uses the 43 Missal. So, after 50 years, not even a true Pope could solve this problem.

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Joseph’s Wednesday Statement of the week 5-10-20

Now that the Easter, Pentecost season is over, the Church had it right when it stated in the Missal the Sunday’s after Pentecost. Our mandatory Easter duty subjectively prepared us for the General, Testimonial Judgment. The new Church, by changing it to Ordinary time put us in the same category as the Protestants where everything centers on “Resurrection Sunday.”  The Paschal Season with the Gift of the Holy Ghost has lost it’s importance which will cause many not to be ready for Judgment Day.
Grace be with you, in Christ, Joseph

Joseph’s Statement of the Week. 6-3-20

We came in with a Full Moon and the General Testimonial Judgment Ends on the eve of Trinity Sunday with a Full Moon. You can see the moon coming up in the sky. That’s why it says in Ps. 88:38, the moon is forever a faithful witness in the sky.  Now for all you doubting Thomas’ the Holy Ghost attests to this fact in the Gospel on Trinity Sunday, (Three persons) when it says “I will be with you till the end of the World.” This is what is called a signal Grace.

Whereas, in today’s Missal, Acts 2. 14-21, preaching on the first Pentecost Sunday, St. Peter states “… before the great and manifest (means: obvious to the understanding) day of the Lord to come.

Joseph’s Statement of the Week. 5-27-20

In God We Trust' Doesn't Mean What You Think It Does

More signs of God’s influence in the United States

First off, we have Memorial Day coinciding with the end of this world Pentecost Sunday. Currently,  President Trump is opening the churches in time for Pentecost Sunday.

The first Roman Catholic President was born on May 29 (two days from today).

Veterans Day falls ten days after All Saints Day.

Fortuitously, the popes Tiara is in the United States (Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in this Country’s Capital Washington DC).

Not to mention again the two witnesses and two false prophets are from the United States.

Joseph’s Statement of the Week. 5-20-20

Should Missionaries Be Married or Single? - Reaching & Teaching ...

Marriage obsolete. Gold worthless?

The Bible seems to indicate, that in the End Times, (The Great Apostasy) it will be forbidden to marry. 1 Tim 3:4.
Sadly, marriage seems to become a thing of the past, not to mention the easy annulment changes to today’s so called Catholic Church. The man being the head of the household and for better or worse has become nothing but passé. Instead, artificial birth control and equality are the in-thing.

And gold will become worthless. Ezekiel 7:19 James 5:3
Well guess what. Look at life today. We have money but can’t enjoy it. Can’t go to a restaurant to eat, go bowling, even the movies. Totally restricted. It might as well be worthless.
End time signs for sure.

Josephs’s Statement of the Week 5/14/20

26th Sunday in OT (C) - The Catholic News

Heaven’s Gates are finally opened on Ascension Thursday (Novena)

Heaven having been closed now for about 4000 years is once again opened on  Ascension Thursday. “He ascended into heaven, sitteth at the right hand of God , the Father Almighty; FROM THENCE He shall come to judge the living and the dead.”

The Limbo of the Fathers also called Paradise and the Opening of Heaven a place and state of rest wherein the souls of the just who died before CHRIST’S ASCENSION were detained until he opened HEAVEN to them; referred also as “Abraham’s bosom.”
Council of Trent Catechism. Page 73  Ephesian 4:8
(Luke xvi,22) and “Paradise” (Luke xxiii, 43) and notably in Eph. IV: 9  1 Peter III: 18-20. – Council of Trent Catechism Article VII-V pg. 79
A Catholic Dictionary  D. Attwater  1931-1949 Limbo pg 292+366