Trump: $16 Billion to Baltimore Was ‘Stolen or Wasted, Ask Elijah Cummings Where it Went’

At $16 billion in fed money 2018. With 662,020 residents in his district that equates to $24,167 per person. Did anyone in his district get $24,167  worth of life improvements?

The federal government has sent billions of dollars to Baltimore in recent years but the money has been either “stolen or wasted,” President Donald Trump said late July 29. MORE

L’EREDITA DEL FASCISMO An Italian view on Fascism

If Fascism were studied and not criminalized, in its history we would find the answers to today’s crisis and the prospects for tomorrow.

by Gianfredo Ruggiero

In 1929, the collapse of the Wall Street stock exchange brought all the western economies, America, England and Germany, to their knees. The consequences were dramatic both from an economic and a social point of view: chain failures of industrial and commercial societies, closure of stores, skyrocketing inflation, mass unemployment, street-dwelling families, widespread hunger and poverty.

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Polish prime minister calls for total abortion ban – Some good news

New leadership in Poland plans to make the country among the most pro-life in the world by putting a stop to all abortions.

“I’m thrilled to see Poland moving in this direction,” said Marie Smith, director of the Parliamentary Network for Critical Issues, a Washington, D.C., based group that helps elected officials advance pro-life laws around the world. “They are making a statement that the government has its foundations built on the dignity of life.” MORE