Catholic Tradition Newsletter C18: Holy Eucharist, Fourth Sunday after Easter, Saint Athanasius

Vol 14 Issue 18 ~ Editor: Rev. Fr. Courtney Edward Krier
May 1, 2021 ~ Saint Joseph, Worker, opn!

1.      What is the Holy Eucharist
2.      Fourth Sunday after Easter
3.      Saint Athanasius
4.      Family and Marriage
5.      Articles and notices
Dear Reader:

For Catholics, May has always been a month the faithful of the Church have dedicated to honor the Blessed Virgin Mary.

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St. Joseph the Workman. Feast Day ~ May 1st

Although the veneration of Joseph seems to have begun in Egypt, the earliest Western devotion to him dates from the early 14th century, when the Servites, an order of mendicant friars, observed his feast on March 19, the traditional day of his death. Among the subsequent promoters of the devotion were Pope Sixtus IV, who introduced it at Rome about 1479, and the celebrated 16th-century mystic St. Teresa of Ávila. Already patron of MexicoCanada, and Belgium, Joseph was declared patron of the universal church by Pope Pius IX in 1870. In 1955 Pope Pius XII established the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker on May 1 as a counter-celebration to the communists’ May Day. MORE

Pope hangs image of nude Jesus caressing Judas behind his desk

A report by the Vatican’s own newspaper reveals Pope Francis recently hung an image behind his desk depicting a naked Jesus Christ caressing his dead apostle Judas Iscariot.

In an article titled “Judas and the Scandal of Mercy,” L’Osservatore Romano dedicated the first three pages of its edition the day before Good Friday to a makeover of the disciple who betrayed the Son of God at the Passover.

Maryland Toleration Act of 1649

Long before the First Amendment was adopted, the assembly of the Province of Maryland passed “An Act Concerning Religion,” also called the Maryland Toleration Act of 1649. The act was meant to ensure freedom of religion for Christian settlers of diverse persuasions in the colony.
Toleration Act made blasphemy a crime MORE