Politicians Addicted to the Unholy Trinity

In his effort to support president Trump’s false claim

of a rigged election, Rudy Giuliani concedes he made. 

false statements in regard to “Georgia election Workes,”

The unholy trinity seems to rule today, as, lie, cheat and 

steal, are the in thing, matters not, only thing that matters.

is obtaining one’s goals, for the sake of one’s causes.

All in the name of Democracy.

Bad Popes – Good Popes + Anti Popes – AntiChrists – July 2023 M/O the Precious Blood

The Traditional Catholic dilemma still exists now for 58 years after the close of the Vatican II Council. Only a blind man cannot see that this world is running out of time.

A house divided cannot stand and it’s a mortal sin to divide the faithful. I tell my friends that Traditional Catholics have Satan laughing at us all the way to the BANK. Religion is an emotional state of life. People are being killed, just about every day of the week, somewhere in the world over religion. We all know that the religious can’t exist without our donations and this is one of the reasons for the division among us and the main subject used for this division is the Papacy. The main division comes from the confused teaching of the sede vacante position.

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Joseph’s pick for President and V.P.

First, let me explain, one of my past suggestions. At the time I was attending Mass at Mel Gibson’s church and thanks to Hutton, Mel’s father I was able to get to know Mel and once in a while Jim Caviezel would drop by after our Mass and say hello to the family. Well about this time Govenor Jerry Brown’s term was coming to an end. So, I got this idea, why not get Jim to run for governor. The next time Mel was available, I hit him up with the idea, his response was, “Does he want to.” Well, that let the air out of my sails, as the saying goes. But just think, had he ran and won, he would be the guy to beat for the president of the U.S.today. This is why I’m suggesting him now. And I feel having Nimrata “Nikki” R, Haley the former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, to be, a winning team here, Jim is very popular, and Nikki will bring in the women vote. 

Will Jim run? I think if he sees he’s wanted, he might. Let’s draft him and get the Party behind him then see what he says. Let’s face it, we need to get a lot of democrats, women, and independent votes to win. I don’t believe Biden will win the primary. There is a strong rumor that the party has another candidate.

Grace be with you, in Christ, Joseph B.D. Saraceno              www.catholicendtimetruths.com

Life liberty and the pursuit of Happiness 

In quoting our constitution on, Life liberty and the pursuit of happens. How is it that we can rob baby’s lives? Without which, they have no liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Animals, today have more rights than baby’s, in these equal rights for all, America. Do you think our founding fathers would be happy with today’s America, you know, absolutely NOT. America has lost its sense of sin. Marriage is becoming an institution for fun and pleasure. When a woman gives birth, she gives birth to an imperfect God in man. We are made in the image and Likness of God, whom without him, none of us would be here right now. Sin is the main ingredient for SLAVERY. So, if we really want freedom, we better start changing our direction, while we still have time, America.