VIDEO: Want to become a CYBORG? The technologies that could give you super vision, let you pick up a car and even plug yourself into your computer

ROBOCOPA new remake of the movie RoboCop (out February 12) shows us a future where technology and humans become one – but experts say the age of the cyborg is already upon us. With everything from smart contact lenses that could improve our vision to exoskeletons that give us superhuman strength, cyborgs are set to become a big part of our future. LINK

The Google Apocalypse, Fall In Love With Technology Only To Have It Turn On You

AtlasA decade ago, we used to hear a lot more about Google’s informal motto: “Don’t be evil.” It doesn’t come up as much anymore, but those three words still lead off Google’s corporate code of conduct. And given some of the company’s recent acquisitions that are heavy on robotics and artificial intelligence companies, that’s probably a good thing. LINK

VIDEO:The Many Spells of the Grammys 2014

The wicked have more to fear than the Believers in the Most High.  Anybody who is deemed wicked on the “Day of the Lord” has no future! We should acknowledge what we are seeing but should not empower ourselves with the state of fear. This is the energy state Satan prefers even of his/her own followers! LINK