Is Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine a victory for Christianity?

The head of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church entrusted the Ukrainian  navy to the protection of Our Lady of Perpetual Help. | english

Well, when you look at the Western Democracies, they’re all promoting immoral lifestyles, same sex marriage, equal rights for everyone, abortion, it speaks for itself.  At one time we, as a nation were looked upon as the light bearer for the Christian cause. Even the Muslims can’t believe the level we have fallen to in the last 60 years. Russia doesn’t need the west to exist, sanctions won’t work, they have plenty of countries that support them, including China. 

I forgot; the president of the Ukraine is JEWISH. Icing on the Cake. No?
In Christ, Joseph

Canada was biggest Trading Country

Believe it or not, we were doing more trade with Canada then China until 2016

It’s true that the U.S. and China continue to have problems with access to certain areas of the Chinese market and that intellectual-property theft is a problem. It’s also true that China’s state-led capitalism diverts both its own markets and international markets. MORE

SSPX meets with AntiChrist Francis

Francis Received SSPX Superior General –

No good news can come from this meeting. Pray for the Lord to come back soon

The American District of the Society of Saint Pius X will soon release a statement regarding this meeting.

This Tuesday, February 8, Pope Francis received in audience Father Davide Pagliarani. Since his election in 2018, this is the first time that the new superior general of the Society of Saint Pius X has met the current pontiff. Previously, Bishop Fellay had the opportunity to meet Pope Benedict XVI (August 29, 2005) or Pope Francis (April 1, 2016). Similarly, Archbishop Lefebvre had met Paul VI and John Paul II.

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