Explaining the Last Gospel before Advent and the Great Apostasy.

The Great Apostasy has lost its luster since Paul VI instituted the changes of the Vatican II Council. Many, at the time had Paul VI labeled as the AntiChrist or The Man of Sin. Very few saw a line of successors as AntiChrists but thank God for this Bishop of Rome as Francis has helped me with my thesis. However, this is not the reason for this article. In my “Day of the Lord and the Signs of His Coming”, booklet.  I state what the spiritual meaning of what Jesus says in this chapter of Matt. 24:15-35.”When you see the abomination of desolation, which was spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the Holy place. [29] And immediately after the tribulation of those days, the sun shall be darkened and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of heaven shall be moved: [30] And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all tribes of the earth mourn: and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with much power and majesty.
Amen, I say to you this (Adulterous, was left out. 1) generation will not pass away till all these things have been accomplished.
I explain, the tribulation is the Vatican II Council which brings in the Great Apostasy, The Sun being darkened, is, Christs word, the new heretical Bibles, The Moon will not give her light, is the new church invalid sacraments, the stars falling from the heavens are the Saints they took off the calendar.   Now tell me this does not make sense. What other reason would the Lord be coming back.So, again my dear faithful, let us reflect as we approach the new year, we are one year less to Christs return and one year closer to the Biblical great chastisement of Fire that needs to happen first. 2. All the world religious are coming together as traditionalist remain divided and Satan is laughing all the way to the Bank.
Grace be with you, in Christ    Joseph B. D. SaracenoFor more info on the “Beast of the Apocalypse” go to Apostasy & Beast at https://catholicendtimetruths.com/category/apostasyandthebeast/ and get the FACTS.

1. Mark 8:382. The faithful will be protected from the fire.The Catechism Explained,1921 Spirago & Clarke pg. 272The Book of Destiny, Father H. Kramer 1956 pg. 367

Russia is at War with the “Beast of the Apocalypse”

The End of the World: From Apocalypse to the End of History and Back -  Journal #56 June 2014 - e-flux

It hurts me to tell you the sad situation we find ourselves with the status of the church and society today. The Vatican II Council compromised our Faith and has brought us into “The Great Apostasy,” (schism) spoken of by St. Paul the Apostle and other Apostles. This new church teaches that one can be saved in any Religion and that the Catholic Religion is not the only means of salvation.
All of these Vatican II popes are telling all the European countries to join up with the E.U., but In order to belong to the E.U., you must reject religious sovereignty of your country and accept all the religions as equal. You have to accept equal rights for women, children, homosexuality gender change rights, even animals. No Capital Punishment. Here in the United States, the Gays are getting married, and the straights are shacking up, and the straights are not having children, for the most part. Russia is one of the few countries left who’s standing against the Beast.  For more on this go to my web site, http://www.catholicendtimetruths.com, then to Apostasy & Beast and Why Sede Vacante, among other categories I have listed on there.

Moscow patriarch stokes Orthodox tensions with war remarks MORE

The Mystery of the “Seven Kings” in Apocalypse 17:9 Explained

Dear Faithful:
Here you have “The Traditio Fathers” explaining the Demise of the Sacraments by the Vatican II Church. True, many of us don’t consider the new Church Catholic, but nevertheless, God explains in the Book of the Apocalypse the Marks of the “Beast,” by identifying the symbols of the new Church from which came the symbols of the Catholic Church and the connection with the old Faith, Judaism and the Protestant connection. When you unite all these, (and those not mentioned) who will have the biggest power group in the WORLD.

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The Marks of the Beast in the Apocalypse & Other Texts

u.n. + e.u.+ I.M.F. Bank

The key in understanding the Book of the Apocalypse and the Marks of the Beast is in knowing the Old Testament. One should not forget that we are the extension of the Hebrew Faith and at the same time, because of Christ, many customs became the opposites as with the clock and the calendar.St. John also shows many similarities between the old and the new. For instance, in Apoc. 7:16 ‘They shall neither hunger nor thirst anymore, neither shall the sun strike them nor any heat.’ This comes from, Isaias 49:10 ‘ … and at the fountains of waters he shall give them to drink.‘ This is the Grace you receive from the Sacraments that Our Lord would and did establish through his Church.

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On Facebook. (God) He is our Father, even more he is our Mother. John Paul I

Pope John Paul I quote: God is our father, but even more is God our...

UPDATE: No one picked up on my first sentence, “Let’s pretend that John Paul I/Luciani was a real pope.” That was the premise. Public statements by popes or bishops on questions of faith or morals that do not qualify as “ordinary and universal magisterium” have an authority that Catholics are not free to dismiss. We are required to give that teaching religious submission.

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The down fall of the Church and our Christian Society

French report: 330,000 children victims of church sex abuse MORE

Not to say that I have all the facts to this problem, but as far as our generation and the United States, World War I and II was the beginning of the downfall of our Christian Society and the Demise of the Catholic Church. Because of these wars, women more than ever before had to take over men’s jobs. They had to work in factories, fly planes, drive trucks and once the war was over, many chose to continue this freedom to the point that we had our first Vice President nomination of a Catholic women Geraldine Ferraro of the Democratic party in 1984.
When we go back to the 1900’s Canon Laws we have the separation of the sex’s in the work force.

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TRADITIO La Salette, “Rome Will Lose the Faith And Become the Seat of the Anti-Christ?”

TRADITIO  & Father Morrison:  September 23, 2021 
First of all Father, one cannot predict future evils, the coming of the AntiChrist or the date of the coming of the Lord. 5th Lateran Council. Secondly, Pope Benedict 15th condemned that part of the La Salette’s message. Thirdly, it’s church teaching under Antichrist (1913 Catholic Encyclopedia) that he will most likely be a false pope. So it’s not Rome but the Holy See that becomes the Seat of AntiChrist and that seat could end up in Jerusalem before this is over.

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A reply to Religion News Service

A scholar argues that Nero is the person identified in the Bible as 666.

Any leader who persecuted Christians was labeled an AntiChrist but the number 6 is a reflection of the Jewish faith and comes from the 6 days of the creation and the perfect or complete number is 7 which is the day of rest, the Sabbath. When you apply it with the future Messiah, the church is in the incomplete state of 6 until He comes into the world.

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