Why President Rivlin supports Israeli-Palestinian confederation

510423306On the eve of the Passover holiday, effusive holiday greetings from a senior Fatah official landed in the inboxes of Israeli peace activists. In the April 21 email, Fatah Central Committee member Mohammed al-Madani hoped, “On this festival of freedom, the Palestinian people will also get to realize their freedom and we will establish our state next to the State of Israel and peace will reign in our region.” Madani, who also heads the Committee for Interaction with Israeli Society, signed off, “And let us say Amen.” Unfortunately, the Israelis who are authorized to say “Amen” to his prayer of peace and to make it a reality are the ones who worship land. Ahead of the Jewish holidays, they usually show their respect for Madani and his friends by imposing a closure on the West Bank and its Palestinian residents. MORE

Vatican Bank clean-up identifies 5,000 suspect accounts

VATA lot of these secret accounts are used to support revolutions around the world.

VATICAN CITY (AFP) – A clean-up of the Vatican bank has been completed, with the final tally of suspect accounts that had to be closed nearing 5,000, the Holy See’s financial watchdog said Thursday.

Unveiling the 2015 annual report of the Financial Information Authority (FIA), its director Tommaso Di Ruzza said a three-year examination of the scandal-hit Institute of Religious Works (IOR), as the bank is officially known, was now finished. MORE


600 kilos of Roman coins discovered in Spanish town

COINSSEVILLE (SPAIN) (AFP) – Construction workers have found 600 kilos (1,300 pounds) of ancient Roman coins while carrying out routine work on water pipes in southern Spain, local officials said Thursday.

“It is a unique collection and there are very few similar cases,” Ana Navarro, head of Seville’s Archeology Museum which is looking after the find, told a news conference.

Dating back to the late third and early fourth centuries, the bronze coins were found Wednesday inside 19 Roman amphoras, a type of jar, in the town of Tomares near Seville. MORE

John Boehner calls Ted Cruz ‘Lucifer in the flesh.’

BOEHJohn Boehner sounded off a litany of insults for Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz Wednesday night, labelling the Texas senator “Lucifer in the flesh” and a “miserable son of a bitch.”

“I have Democrat friends and Republican friends,” the former House speaker said during a frank on-stage discussion at Stanford University Wednesday. “I get along with almost everyone, but I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life.” MORE

Sanders’ supporters would rather have Trump than Clinton

Bernie Sanders, Jane Sanders, Levi SandersLast night, Hillary Clinton won primaries in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania, while Bernie Sanders won in Rhode Island. Clinton appears to be trying to herd Sanders’ supporters into her camp, but doing so may be more problematic that she thinks. As a ‘Bernie or Bust’ movement emerges within Democratic circles, leftists vow that they will not support Clinton in the general election.  MORE
Don’t Assume Bernie Sanders Supporters Will Back Hillary ..MORE

My first response on, Jewish Arab peace plan come from E.U. ha.

Europe Direct Contact CentreDear Mr. Joseph Saraceno,

Thank you for contacting the Europe Direct Contact Centre.

Europe Direct Contact Centre (EDCC) is a European Union information service witch answers factual questions about the EU. You can find further information about EDCC at: http://europa.eu/contact/. We thank you for sharing your opinion. It has been forwarded to the competent department.

If at any time, you will have any factual questions about the European Union, its activities or institutions, we will be happy to assist you.

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Ford Reveals New EcoBlue Diesel Engine, Touts it as Game-Changing

ECOFord has unveiled a new 2.0-liter four-cylinder diesel called the EcoBlue, and it will be the first of a new range of clean sheet oil burners. Ford claims the EcoBlue 2.0-liter will increase fuel economy by 13 percent compared to equivalent older engines. Expect the EcoBlue diesel to power future Ford passenger and commercial vehicles, with an outputs ranging from 98 to 237 hp, with the Transit and Transit Custom being the first models to use the new engine in Europe.MORE

Meat tax to fight ‘climate change’…

red-meatDenmark is considering proposals to introduce a tax on red meat, after a government think tank came to the conclusion that “climate change is an ethical problem”.

The Danish Council of Ethics recommended an initial tax on beef, with a view to extending the regulation to all red meats in future. It said that in the long term, the tax should apply to all foods at varying levels depending on climate impact.

The council voted in favour of the measures by an overwhelming majority, and the proposal will now be put forward for consideration by the government. MORE

UN rejects Israel’s claim over Syria’s Golan Heights

mapisJoseph’s Middle East plan is gaining merit.

The UN Security Council has rejected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s claim that the annexed Golan Heights in Syria would “for ever” remain under Israeli control.

The 15-member council agreed on Tuesday that the status of the Golan, which Israel seized from Syria in 1967, “remains unchanged”, Chinese Ambassador Liu Jieyi, who holds this month’s council presidency said. MORE

D.C., Chicago & Baltimore Account for Over Half of U.S.’s Murder Rate Increase

76But gun control was supposed to drive down crime rates, or something?

Three major cities accounted for more than half of the rise in the national murder rate between 2014 and 2015, a new report shows.

Though overall crime rates were stagnant in America’s 30 largest cities the murder rate rose 13.3 percent, according to a report from the Brennan Center for Justice.  The violent crime rate also rose by 3.1% in those major cities, lead by increases in Los Angeles, Baltimore, and Charlotte.

Three cities were also mainly responsible for the rise in murders. “Final data confirm that three cities (Baltimore, Chicago, and Washington, D.C.) account for more than half (244) of the national increase in murders,” the report said. SOURCE

Earthquake swarm in NW Arizona keeps rolling on

AZPHOENIX (KPHO/KTVK) – More small earthquakes shook northwest Arizona Sunday adding to the list of temblors that have struck the area since March 29.

The Arizona Geological Survey said two quakes occurred, including a magnitude 2.6 quake at 12:07 a.m.

There has been a swarm of 21 quakes in an area along the Arizona-Nevada line south-southwest of Littlefield, AZ, which is also close to southwestern Utah and the frequency and span puzzles geologists.

The survey said the area has several active faults and that its geologic features suggest there could be additional potentially active faults just north of the largest quake.

The largest in the swarm was a magnitude 3.4 quake was reported at 2:23 a.m. on April 8. SOURCE


Pope’s Marxist bias in U.S. campaign signals new global order

77cb7cd5eThe liberal media are so in love with Pope Francis that they can’t report the hard truth about his blatant interference in the 2016 presidential campaign and what it represents.

Not only was socialist Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) invited to a conference of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences (PASS) on Catholic social teaching and the world situation, he also met personally with Pope Francis.

A secular Jewish atheist, Sanders is not even a member of the Catholic Church. “I am not actively involved with organized religion,” Sanders has said. His brother Larry says, “He is quite substantially not religious.” MORE