California1Graph shows erratic earthquake possibilities, however 9/30/2014 it spikes to the top – between 90% to 98% chance, from San Francisco to San Diego. Be prepared, take breakable objects off counters, stock-up on food items, water, flashlights and BBQ equipment for cooking outdoors. MORE

The Russian Ruble Has Been Getting Crushed

russian-rubleAs of Monday, one dollar bought about 39.4 rubles, and according to Bloomberg’s Vladimir Kuznetsov, the Russian central bank is close to stepping in.

Kuznetsov reported that, “The ruble fell 0.8 percent to 44.2450 versus the central bank’s target basket of dollars and euros… That’s within 0.4 percent of the 44.40 threshold that would prompt the monetary authority to begin buying rubles according to its policy guidelines.”


What Are They Hiding? It’s “Rare” Yet In 40 States, Started in February And Still Spreading! This Stinks To High Heaven!

EV68-map-lg2Something very bad is happening to children in the United States and while it is being reported on, those same reports are lying about it, as they are supposedly fact finding and claiming to provide information. EV 68 aka EV D8 (Eterovirus 68) is being called “rare,” in almost every report from the mainstream media, as shown in the screen shots on just the first Google search page, where every single report mentions how “rare” it is. MORE

Arizona Football Coach Suspended for Praying with Team

Prayer-FootballA high school football coach in Arizona has been suspended for two weeks for joining his team in prayer.

Tom Brittain is the head varsity coach for Tempe Preparatory Academy, a state funded charter school. According to reports, Brittain recently asked one of the players on his team to lead the group in prayer, and then joined the team as they thanked the Lord following a winning game. MORE

26 wives and girlfriends of Catholic priests want

wifeFor years, they have been invisible and often afraid to identify themselves. But the women sometimes dubbed “God’s rivals”  are no longer willing to remain silent.

Twenty-six Italian women who are married to or in relationships with Catholic priests want clerical celibacy to be overturned by the world’s bishops when they meet in Rome for their global synod on the family in October. MORE

VIDEO: Scary Video Shows People Running Trying to Escape a Volcanic Eruption

jvolWith a sound likened to thunder, Mount Ontake erupted shortly before noon, spewing large white plumes of ash high into the sky and sending people on the mountainside fleeing, covering some in ash.

More than 250 people were trapped on the mountain and a nearby peak in areas that were dangerous to approach, though some had decided to try making their way down as sunset approached, said Nagano prefecture crisis management official Minoru Kashiwabara. MORE