Israeli Druze feel abandoned over new Nationality Law

In the week when hundreds of people from the Druze community were massacred in Syriaby Islamic State terrorists on July 25, their Israeli peers are struggling for their status in the state following the passage of the Nationality Law. According to the Druze, the Nationality Law, anchoring the Jewish character of the state, hurts them. And they feel particularly hurt because many members of the community are loyal citizens who serve in the army. MORE

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MassResistance Texas activists fighting the LGBT infiltration in the Southern Baptist denomination

It’s time to strongly oppose the transgender movement

At Texas State GOP Convention: MassResistance-Texas leads charge to pass 12 strong items in party platform!

Canadian activist Bill Whatcott endures abuse in jail for pro-family stand


Recently the Australian Navy began taking part in the ‘100 Days For Change’ campaign. According to a Navy spokesperson: “To encourage gender equality and diversity in the workplace, personnel in Sydney painted their pinky fingernails pink as a visual indication of support.”

Sadly this is not a joke. It is the Australian Defence Force under Marise Payne and Malcolm Turnbull. Pink fingernails are yet another tragic sign of PC-capability being put ahead of defence capability.