UNESCO: The Western Wall is not Jewish

Half a year after the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) accepted an initial resolution denying the Temple Mount’s place in Jewish history and the Jewish faith, the UN body is expected to pass another measure on Thursday portraying the Western Wall as a Muslim holy site. MORE

The Validity of the Thuc Consecrations

In the U.S. at present there are six traditional Catholic clergymen who are commonly referred to as the “Thuc” bishops. Unlike the Lefebvre bishops, the Thuc …
Examination of 1981 episcopal consecrations of three traditionalist priests by Abp. P.M. Ngo-dinh-Thuc, retired Archbishop of Hué, Vietnam. (Sacerdotium 3, Spring 1992)

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Vol 10 Issue 43 Editor: Rev. Fr. Courtney Edward Krier
October 28, 2017 ~ Saints Simon and Jude, opn!

1. Is the Chair of Peter Vacant? An Argument for Sedevacantism
2. Twenty-first Sunday after Pentecost
3. Christ the King
4. Family and Marriage
5. Articles and notices

Dear Reader:
Sunday the Church celebrates the Feast of Christ the King, but I have continued with Fr. Goffine’s Commentary on the Pentecost Sunday cycle, Continue reading

In response to Father Jenkins Video on U Tube

Father Jenkins and sspv have for years rejected the sede vacantist position and have told their congregations not to attend our Masses and those of SSPX. As a result limited the opportunity for growth among the faithful. It’s no wonder that traditionalists are wandering back to the Apostate Church.

Nowhere does Father Jenkins and many other Traditional Fathers, for that matter, mention the new heretical Bibles which have their readings and gospels used in the new protestant mass of the Vatican II church. The new Bibles make Jesus just another prophet and the Bible is supposed to be part of the deposit of faith. It’s no wonder we are losing the war when these truths are being ignored.
Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa…….In Christ, Joseph

The Vortex–Church is Crawling with Gays

The Vortex is 50 years to late. Pope Paul VI, a homosexual himself, opened the door for (gay mass-es) however this in itself wasn’t the major problem as we have had many immoral popes in the past.
The major problem is that the Vatican Council II contains Formal Public Heresy and Paul VI approved and supported these changes and by doings so occurred the wrath of excommunication. As a result this broke the line of perpetual successors of the papacy and now he  identifies with the “Man of Sin,” spoken of by St. Paul.
Prepare ye for the Coming of the Lord
Grace be with you, in Christ, Joseph