Lionsgate Moving Ahead on ‘Hunger Games’ Theme Park Plans

hungerparkThe mini-studio on Friday said it has tapped theme park creator Thinkwell Group to mount a touring exhibit, The Hunger Games: The Exhibition, to debut in the U.S. market in summer 2015. “Thinkwell … is spearheading an initiative for line extensions ofThe Hunger Games and all of our other brands,” said Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer during a teleconference call that followed the release of his company’s fourth-quarter and full-year financial results. MORE

Official in Fukushima: “Please Please HELP US!” – Hot particles of melted fuel are inhaled by children everyday

  • please helpI want to shout for all the people in this world: “Please Please HELP US!”
  • The cause substance have been found. This is an aggregate of radionuclides which starts with Uranium [in] a nuclear reactor at more than 5000°C.
  • This mixed metal contains four different substances, α・β・γ and also have the possibility to radiate neutron ray. MORE AND MORE


binnyhinnBenny Hinn who preaches you can buy your way into Heaven says that when Bill Graham dies, Jesus is going to return soon. Benny Hinn is a multi-millionaire.  He asks for thousands of dollars from poor people in his congregation who can’t afford it. He is a media preacher who is a disgrace and who teaches the doctrine of demons. MORE

Pope Francis Says He Might Retire

popefrancisretirePope Francis gave a candid midair press briefing to reporters traveling from back from the Middle East to Rome during which he talked about sex, money, and satanic Mass—and retirement.  MORE Pope Francis Had Already Retired When He Was Elected:…At the point when his predecessor stepped down, Francis (then Jorge Mario Bergoglio) had already sent his letter of retirement to the Vatican—in keeping with the edict that cardinals must hang up their cloth at 75. (Currently 77 years old) MORE

Swiss group to allow assisted dying for elderly who are not terminally ill

A nurse helps a woman during lunch at a residential home near Lucerne, SwitzerlandA Swiss organisation that helps people take their own lives has voted to extend its services to elderly people who are not terminally ill. Exit added “suicide due to old age” to their statutes at an annual general meeting held over the weekend, allowing people suffering from psychological or physical problems associated with old age the choice to end their life. MORE

VIDEO: Ghost of Michael Jackson photographed at the show in the UK

mjghostBritish teenager at twin show of Michael Jackson photographed the ghost of Michael Jackson. Looking statement of twins in a local theater, he decided to take an autograph from Jackson imitator. Standing in line to him, a teenager from boredom took a few pictures. Returning to home and carefully studied the resulting picture, the young Briton came as a shock. On one of the frames was captured not only acts that evening artist, but something strongly resembling the ghost of Michael Jackson- on photo was imprinted blue glowing face hanging over double the King of Pop.MORE