God sends His wrath to the Muslims by means of the Chinese – Harvesting organs and Cannibalism

Sure, it’s atrocious. But where’s the UN when Christian BOYS & GIRLS are raped and sodomized by Muslims? Where’s the UN when Christians are burnt alive at the hands of Muslims? Where’s the UN when their own women are tortured? Where’s the UN when European and American women & girls are GANG raped in the name of alah?

Sometimes, God steps in. There’s another wicked force to put a stop to their atrocities. (And I wouldn’t exactly call what the Chinese do more wicked. Today’s gospel: “Woe to the world because of scandals… [Matt 18-7] God doesn’t like His little children scandalized. That’s worse!)

At least the Muslims have the UN and the world to back them, while they continue their forced indoctrinations or else your head’s lopped off. Another thing, Muslims shouldn’t be traveling to China. OR ELSE! STORY

The elimination of St. Michael the Archangel and his prayer after Mass

I think we have this?   
Now my friends; I’ve always alluded to the star that falls from Heaven (Apoc:9) as a Bishop or false pope. But didn’t John 23 take away He that holdeth, (the prayer of St.Michael after Mass- II Thess.2-3) then open the door of the V-2 Council (the key to the gates of Hell)? Which in turn began the reign of AntiChrists with Paul VI, who is responsible for the sad state of affairs in the Church to this very day. Amen… 

*The dedication of St. Michael the Archangel ~ SEPTEMBER 29 
1. The Archangel St. Michael occupies a prominent place in the liturgy. In the struggle of God and the Church against Satan he plays an important role. The battle between God and his enemies, began when Lucifer fell, still continues.

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