Whomever wins this Presidential election, might be our last President

2020 presidential debate live updates: Biden vs. Trump

Barring he die’s, gets impeached, or resigns in Office. Many of you may be aware that I felt the same way about Benedict XVI but he outsmarted me by resigning. However, he’s still alive and could still be here when Christ comes back. Another coincidence we have, is that when the two witnesses were killed, (John the Baptist & Jesus) back then, we had two High Priests. Annas and Caiphas.

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New protests loom as Europeans tire of virus restrictions

All of Europe is grappling with how to halt a fall resurgence of the virus before its hospitals become overwhelmed again.

Nightly curfews have been implemented in French cities. Schools must close at 6 p.m. Schools have been closed in Northern Ireland and the Czech Republic. German officials have ordered de-facto lockdowns in some areas near the Austrian border and new mask-wearing requirements are popping up weekly across the continent, including a nationwide requirement in Russia. MORE