The Peril of Christian Nationalism 

Of late many articles in the news media expressing this fear of a return of “Christian Nationalism.” It’s inconceivable how we have forgotten where our grass roots came from.

To begin with, it was our Christian forefathers who made this country GREAT, All of Our first thirteen colonies had clearly and unmistakably Christian fundamental laws in their colonial charters.

In thinking back in the 40’s most retail stores were closed on Sundays, with the exemption of Drug stores, restaurants and in bars you had to sit at a table.

I can understand World War II playing a role in our lifestyle because of the need of women workers in areas where only men were working before. Still, teachers in grammar school read chapters in the Old Testament before class, we saluted the flag, had Christmas plays and Easter vacation. 

Today, if anything, it’s the lack of God in our society which is destroying it. Right now, ALL of our mental institutions are filled up and others have no place to go but live on the streets or in jail, so, it’s now the general public who are adding to the problem because of our ignorant beliefs of the history of this nation. I pray we will return to our master, who gave us life in the first place.

Joseph B. Saraceno

In search of Lost Unity 

FYI: The Church is one, holy, catholic and apostolic. The universality of the Church is made manifest in its unity. Not united, one is separated from the Universal Church. This can be by disunity or intentional disjunction. Christ, at the Last Supper prayed for unity: that they may be one, as we also are. (John 17:11) In an effort to bring unity among faithful Catholics upholding the Council of Trent and the Tridentine Mass, that is, the Catholic Faith rejected by Vatican II, I bring to your attention an appeal to plead with the clergy (traditional Roman Catholic bishops and priests) to meet together and resolve the disunity the members of the Church find in wanting to know they are members of the Roman Catholic Church and not members of a sect. Remember, the Church is not a cause, it is not an opinion, it is the means of salvation which each member must be assured they will obtain. The appeal, in various languages, may be found at this website:

Many have responded to this plea for unity and I am grateful. Please continue to pray it will be heeded by the clergy so that on Sunday the words, I believe in the Church that is one, holy, catholic and apostolic, is not just meaningless words said at Holy Mass (or Mass prayers) but rings true for each one of us Catholics.

St. Peter put his life on the line, when he struck the High Priest’s servant, with his Sword

For all of us who remember that all the Apostles ran away after Jesus stopped St. Peter from causing any more violence with his sword. Most don’t understand that by our Lord stopping St. Peter from continuing the resistance that his actions caused a temporary shock, and confusion among Peter and the Apostles. As a result, what else could they do but run away. So, it’s not so surprising that St. Peter later denied he knew the Lord because of the mental state of confusion and rejection that his state of mine was in. 

Most have forgotten how he was willing to die and fight for the Lord at the time they came to arrest him, but, again, that’s all you hear from the pulpit, how he denied him three times. I ask, what the hell would you have done in his place? I say this because, humans have a tendency to always pick out one’s weakness, they do this so they can justify “THEIR” weaknesses and faults. Satan uses his same “Trick or Treat,” actions on every generation and every generation of fools fall for it, that is except those who become Saints. It’s no wonder that our Lord tells us, that in the last days, “unless those days be shortened not even the elect will be saved.” May the Lord have mercy on us all.
Grace be with you, in Christ, Joseph B. D. Saraceno ~ April 11, 2022, M/O of Holy week. John 18:10   Mark 14:16,

The Church and the Devil 

If the Church is doing the Devil’s will, why does he attack it?

In case you didn’t know, the Internet is full of videos bashing the Catholic Church. Most of these are produced by fundamentalist or born-again Christians, some of whom are ex-Catholics. They insist that they do not hate Catholics. Their only concern, they say, is to help Catholics learn the truth. Read More…

The Church and the Devil (

St. Valentine ~ February 14

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Pope Valentine 827 ~ Father Valentine  269 2-14 ~ Bishop Valentine of Terni 269  2-14.

There’s a lot of confusion, actually, about St. Valentine, whose feast we celebrate today. The most popular legend places Valentine near Rome in the third century, during the reign of the Emperor Claudius III (nicknamed Claudius the Cruel). 

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Why Trump lost the presidential election against Biden. 

To begin with one has to remember that Hilary Clinton won the popular vote by about one million votes, but Trump won more states. 

Most public high schools in this country are graduating students who have been programmed to be liberal and most are going to vote democratic to keep government programs alive. You’re talking about 4 years of new democrats joining the voting field before the next election not to mention all the illegal’s entering the voting field. Trump also lost the first debate with Biden and voting began before the second debate.

But what’s more specific is. that old saying, “All roads lead to Rome.”  the pope is the most influential person in the world. Ten days before the presidential election, antipope and liberal Frances slyly endorsed Biden. Here is how he did it. He went to a public movie theater in Rome where the movie was about a gay couple, naturally after the movie there was a bunch of reporters waiting for his commentary on the movie and of course the one thing that stands out was when he said, “Gay relations are O.K.” after all its legal. This statement, my friends told American Catholics they can vote for Biden and other Democrats who support Gay rights. 

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