Venus And Jupiter Will Appear To Merge And Form A “Double Star” Tonight

XpMew0zTonight, two astronomical objects are destined to meet: The planet named after the Goddess of love, Venus, and the planet named after the God of Thunder, Jupiter. On Earth, they will appear so close together that they will look like a dramatic “double star.”

These two planets have been gradually approaching each other for the last few weeks, creeping toward their closest point: 1/3° apart. That’s close enough to be able to cover them with the tip of your pinky finger with an outstretched arm. In reality, they will be around 670 million kilometers (416 million miles) apart in space.

The planets will also look like they’re of a similar size, but Jupiter is actually the largest planet in our solar system and Venus is smaller than Earth. It is thanks to their relative distances that they appear to be of a similar size when peered at from Earth. MORE

More Than A Dozen Landmarks You Won’t Believe Were Turned Rainbow

niagra-34051After sunset on Decision Day, the White House is awash in rainbow light tonight, and the rainbow revolution has spread to the other coast and overseas.

And, cue the camera phones! Here’s a roundup of what Twitter users have so far found being illuminated in rainbow spirit after today’s marriage ruling. (Update: Other Twitter users point out that some of these photos being shared in celebration are from previous times when the landmarks were lit up.)  

VIDEO: Tonight You Will See The Star Of Bethlehem, A Sign That Christ’s Second Coming Is Around The Corner

When it comes to tomorrow, Christians need to think while watching the Star of Bethlehem which will appear after an absence of roughly 2000 years. Tomorrow (June 30th, 2015) the Star of Bethlehem will be making a return. Will this mean that the signs of the end is beginning to unfold? And what did this sign mean? Is it a time of joy or suffering or both? MORE

Rev. Graham on White House Gay Rainbow: ‘May it Remind Us of God’s Judgment to Come’

BILLYEven false prophets will usher in the Parousia.

Commenting on the White House being illuminated on Friday with gay-rainbow lights to celebrate homosexual marriage, Rev. Franklin Graham said it was “outrageous” and a “slap in the face” to millions of Americans who support real marriage, and added that because God gave the rainbow sign to Noah following the flood, it is an image forever “associated with His judgment” and a sign of “God’s judgment to come.” MORE

Fox News’ Priest Jonathan Morris Spat on Near Gay Pride Parade: ‘I Deserve Worse’

Morris“The two men who spat on me are probably very good men caught up in excitement and past resentment,” network contributor says

Father Jonathan Morris wasn’t feeling prideful after being spit on by two men near a Gay Pride Parade in New York City Sunday.

“Walking down Broadway and 22nd St just now, I ran into gay marriage parade.Two men walked by and spat on me. Oh well… I deserve worse,” Morris tweeted. MORE

Melting snow is swelling Colorado rivers, creeks

SNOWSmall break for California

The June heat that is melting snow and swelling Colorado’s rivers is expected to continue through the week, pushing records for river flows while worrying safety officials.

Emergency sand-bagging operations are under way in Vail and Eagle County after the National Weather Service issued a flood warning until 8 p.m. tonight. MORE

VIDEO: 500+ gay pride youth engulfed in flames in Taiwan as Biblical-scale firestorm spontaneously ignites, raining down fire from above

Taiwan went horribly wrong last night as a special effect consisting of huge clouds of rainbow-colored glitter particles was launched into the air over the partygoers. To the shock and horror of everyone, the metallic glitter ignited, raining down a firestorm of death upon hundreds of attendees who were engulfed in flames.” MORE