Dear Father Benedict Hughes CMRI

Dear Father Benedict Hughes CMRI:

Do you remember a few years ago when I gave you my lecture to listen to which I made in 1991. You told me that, ” after I heard what you said about, “there has never been, since the history of the world anyone make the proclamations that I give you in this lecture.” You said I could not listen to it after that. Continue reading

My reply to Fr. Dominic Radecki

REDEDear Father Dominic Radecki;
July 4, 2013 – All Holy Popes

It was brought to my attention, (as a result of my most recent mailings which contains some of your parishioners) that you chose to slander me, ‘for the third time’ from the pulpit on Sunday June 23,? 2013. As in the past you again accuse me of being a false prophet and an unstable person.
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