Quinquagesima Sunday- St Paul to the Corinthians This coming Sunday

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1st Epistle of St Paul to the Corinthian 13: 1-13~Douay-Rheims Bible
My Dear friends. I have and always will, make a distinction on St: Paul’s commentary on the need for the virtues of Faith Hope and Charity. With out these virtues, one will lack the ability to reason. St. Paul stresses the importance of charity above all things but one must understand that God would never give anyone the gift of prophecy or the faith to move mountains if one did not have charity in the first place. In Christ, Joseph

Charity is to be preferred before all gifts.

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Pope Francis Offers Environmental Message for Lent 2019

Pope Francis holds the monstrance during a mass in Saint Peter square at the Vatican on September 7, 2013. Pope Francis has called for a global day of fasting and prayer on Saturday for peace in Syria and against any armed intervention. AFP PHOTO / Filippo MONTEFORTE (Photo credit should …

‘It’s not climate change stupid, it’s ‘SIN!’
Sadly, Bergoglio has no idea he’s primarily the cause of natural disasters by way of ‘sin,” not the environment. So much for Lent.

“When we live as children of God,” the pope states in his 1200-word message, “we also benefit creation by cooperating in its redemption. That is why Saint Paul says that creation eagerly longs for the revelation of the children of God.” MORE

Pope Says God Wills the Diversity of Religions

At the Pope’s recent visit to Abu Dhabi, he and the Muslim Grand Imam of al-Azhar signed a document entitled “A Document on Human Fraternity for World Peace and Living Together.”  Among other things, it said this:

The pluralism and the diversity of religions, colour, sex, race and language are willed by God in His wisdom, through which He created human beings.  This divine wisdom is the source from which the right to freedom of belief and the freedom to be different derives. Therefore, the fact that people are forced to adhere to a certain religion or culture must be rejected, as too the imposition of a cultural way of life that others do not accept.

Cdl. Burke explains it away: Pope’s declaration saying God wills ‘diversity of religions’ is ‘not correct

The Chances of a future TRUE Pope

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First written in March 3, 2009 at 9:03 PM

The object of this article is to show the futile policy of some of the Fathers in predicting a future True Pope.

No matter that even as sede vacantists we do not even recognize the Vatican II hierarchy, and with no hierarchy we have lost formal jurisdiction and the normal means to ELECT a pope. We also adhere to the fact that when Paul VI went against the Ottaviani intervention in September 1969, as he became a public formal heretic and since the concerned Cardinals didn’t condemn him and/or the Vatican II Council, and by not electing a true pope, these resulting actions caused a break in the papal line of successors.

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