The shutdown of the New Latin Mess spreads to Puerto Rico, Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil

Remember folks, Hitler started eliminating Gypsy’s first, then homo’s then Jews and Catholics were next on the list but ran out of time.

July 31, 2021 – St. Ignatius of Loyola Double Major Feast
Newcardinal Shuts down the New Latin Mess of 1962 in Washington, D.C. Other Countries Are Now Shutting the Fraudulent “Extraordinary” Mess as Well

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

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Banning Progress: the Incredibly Stupid Reason Dell Halted Sales of Gaming PC in California (and 5 Other States)

Americans know California is fond of banning all types of pleasure and progress. So it may come as no surprise that the state has adopted new regulations that have ended up effectively banning a new top-of-the-line gaming PC from Dell. The reason? The new technology uses too much energy. That’s right, a highly advanced PC cannot be sold in California – the state with the fifth largest economy in the world and that is home to the heart of the tech industry – because it uses a lot of power. MORE

Dear friends of the faith, in light of the publication of the motu proprio

This is not just about the MASS. It’s life or death for the Catholic Church. The New Bible’s make Jesus just another prophet. And the Council teaches # 9., one can be saved in ANY Religion. We need to join up together and preach the Coming of the Lord, and stop calling these AntiChrists popes. This is the “Great Apostasy” St. Paul talked about. Go to then to Books, why Sede Vacante & Apostasy and the Beast.
One would have to be a nitwit not to understand that we have very little time left in this world.
Grace be with you, in Christ, Joseph B.D. Saraceno

St. Anne’s Feast Day – July 26

With my heart full of the most sincere venerations, I prostrate myself before thee, O glorious Saint Anne. Thou art that creature of privilege and predilection, who by thy extraordinary virtues and holiness didst merit from God the high favor of giving life to her who is the Treasury of all graces, blessed among women, the Mother of the Word Incarnate, the most holy Virgin Mary. By virtue of so lofty a privilege, do thou deign, O most compassionate saint, to receive me into the number of thy true clients, for so I profess myself and so I desire to remain throughout my entire life.

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Remember when Trump said:

In the days and weeks leading up to Election Day, President Donald Trump claimed that the “fake news media” chose to focus on Covid-19 to damage his campaign, predicting that once November 4th arrived, Americans would not hear about the virus anymore. However, infections and hospitalizations have spiked to high levels, since then and the majority of states are having us put our masks back on. What would have happened with the virus had he gotten elected?

I remember:  It was from China. He cut all travel from there.
And he clearly stated there was a cure: hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin. And still is. You don’t need the vaccine.