X president Trump and the Republican party need to share the blame for this Hamas Israeli war.

X President Trump and the Republican party need to share the blame for this Hamas-Israeli war.
When president Trump pulled out of President Obama’s The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, which by the way was approved by our European Allies, he opened the door for the Iranian hard liners to take over and as a result helped Hamas to grow stronger, which got them strong enough and brave enough to invade and attack Israel.And now with the destruction of Gaza, the hate is never going to go away and last till Christ comes back. So much for the peace process.

What you will never hear from the pulpit

What you will never hear from the pulpit in regard to biblical teaching on Women’s Salvation and other Paradoxes.

Don’t get me wrong, the Church does make it clear that the main object of marriage is the pro-creation of children, and in one of my recent articles on the demise of the Christian Marriage, I explained how society goes against our wellbeing in this regard. As a result, women have had to become independent and provide for themselves more so than ever before.

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Death penalty and death of a deputy

My response to the Daily Breeze Newspaper Torrance, CA.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Death penalty and death of a deputy- Breeze

There cannot be justice without Capital Punishment because the punishment has to equal the crime. Our liberal establishment makes it ridiculously costly in order to obtain the death penalty. So, the system goes against justice. Just like the smash and grab robberies we have today, There’s no punishment for the crime if it’s not a felony.

 How many murders who get life in prison kill again in prison. Who should be responsible for the additional murders? This is what you never hear about from the Capital Punishment foes. Not to mention the overcrowded prisons we have and the special care when their elderly. We are taking money away from our children in order to support human animals.Our society has lost its sense of logic, it’s time to wake up America.                                                                                                                                                                                                            Joseph Saraceno