Why God had to become a Human Being

Many of you may have read this article before. The reason I’m sending it out again is to show and explain to people of other religions that if their God does not become a human being then, “As I explain in this article,” he cannot justify judging mankind, I feel this to be a logical explanation to those of other religions why GOD became a human being in Jesus Christ.


We know God created us. The Church tells us that He wants us to know Him to love Him and to serve Him in this world and in the next. Could it also have been that without a creation, there would be no one to know of the existence of God? Not that God needs to have anyone to know He exists, but that we creatures might be able to share His love and goodness. This could give a probable cause for creation. We know that God began by creating the angels. Angels as we know are pure spirits with intellect, power, and free will. We also know that there are nine different degrees of angels.[1] The reason God gave the angels free will is that like man He wanted them to be like Himself (insofar as they have free will and an intellect). Therefore, the angels are like God as is man.  It is through this gift of free will that the stage is set for God‘s plan of fostering our free will. This is done so we may obtain our goals with a sense of appreciation and understanding that good and evil become a part of our free will. As we know from Church teachings [2], God tested the angels. It has never been exactly clear what the test was. It is my opinion that their test had to do with the exposure of His next greatest creation; that, of course, was the creation of man. It would seem to me that this is what caused the apprehension amongst some of the angels: that man would have free will and that he would be able to find favor with God on the same levels as themselves. This in turn, I feel, led to the first capital sin that of self-pride, which led to jealousy, and later disobedience.  These actions now were the beginning of our destiny, and a clear separation of good from evil. Therefore, we could have a place for good with God (heaven), or a place for evil, away from Him (hell).  God knew that this same fate would befall man, and so He set next stage for man’s redemption.        In the thirtieth chapter of the book of Proverbs, we read in reference to God, “What is His name? What is His Son’s name? If you know it?” Could the Father want us to know Him as “I am Who am” [3] so that we shall later meet him as Jesus Christ, the Man-God? But why did God have to become man in the first place? We know one main reason, of course, was set the example of how to live as God’s people. But equally as important is that in order to have justice the law had to be made complete by Jesus, so that He could pass judgment upon us all. This would have been a problem if He had not become a human being, the motivating force now for our justification, sanctification and glorification. What must we do now to justify God’s love for us? Even if one gives up their life, they give nothing to God, that He did not first bestow upon the individual. What then is God’s will? God’s will and desire is simply to dwell among His creatures. This tells us that the only meaningful act that we could do for the love of Our Lord, is to reflect His love to others and help bring people into the faith.  How is this done? First, by our actions. We must, in our actions, reflect our faith by simply doing good. For by doing good, we undertake a powerful instrument in combating evil. This action, in turn, leads to virtue, followed by honesty and integrity. From this the light of Christ will shine through us and will reflect into the hearts of all the unbelievers and the believers who have gone astray. And from this comes conversion. Let us then put on the believer’s armor, the helmet of honesty and the shield of virtue. With this armor and the two-edged sword of God’s word (the pure spiritual doctrines of faith), we direct the hearts of the unbelievers and participate in the Lord’s desire of dwelling among men [4].  From this we give testimony that we are really the Children of God. 
 In the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. Amen

The Role of Priests and Laymen in the Crisis Within the Church

Part III: The Best Book on the New Mass

Shortly after the introduction of a new rite of the Mass more than five decades ago, a Brazilian lay theologian, Arnaldo Xavier da Silveira, wrote a lengthy study documenting the doctrinal concerns that were shared by many Catholics. In September of 1973 Pope Paul VI intervened to prevent the publication of the book, but on January 25, 1974, Bishop Antonio de Castro Mayer of Campos, Brazil, wrote a letter to Paul VI, and respectfully adopted as his own the concerns expressed by Dr. Xavier da Silveira.  At that time the book had circulated privately in mimeographed form in four languages (Portuguese, Spanish, French, and English), and in 1977 Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre described it as the best book on the new Mass.1

The timeliness of having such a book published now, when the motu proprio of Pope Francis has given rise to a renewed debate about the liturgical reforms, will be obvious to many.  What is in some way unique is that it was written by a lay theologian rather than by a priest.  Receiving the approval of Archbishop Lefebvre and Bishop de Castro Mayer – the two bishops most known for working to preserve the traditional rite of the Roman liturgy – it stands out among the contributions of laymen to their own defense of the traditional rite.

The publication now of this book is another manifestation of the respective roles of priests and laymen in the present crisis in the Church.  The popes of the early twentieth century were very attentive to the role of the laity, that of assisting the hierarchy in defending the Church against modern errors, and against hostile governments persecuting the Church. When, for example, Pope Pius XI was told by French writer Henri Bourdeaux, “Your Holiness, politics should defend religion and Christian ethics,” Pius XI replied, “No, precisely the contrary is the case. It is religion which defends politics.  And every time politics ignores the lessons which religion teaches, it becomes bad politics.”2  In the context of his pontificate it was clear that by religion Pius XI meant not only the hierarchy, but also the lay apostolate collaborating with the priests and bishops, in what St. Pius X and his immediate successors referred to as Catholic Action.

However, because of the crisis that the Church faced in the twentieth century, divisions arose within Catholic Action as Catholics themselves debated the role of the lay apostolate.  Profound political divisions among Catholics served to highlight the nature of that crisis.  On one hand the Popes sought to remain above the conflicts, but after the Second World War Pius XII indicated that the Church cannot always remain neutral, and that the Church’s judgments anticipate in some way the final judgment.3

In the 1950s Pius XII sought to provide further clarification of the role of the lay apostolate, by explaining its multiple forms, manifested by the various degrees in which these apostolates are guided by the hierarchy.4  After his death, with the coming of the Second Vatican Council under Pope John XXIII, the vigilance of the previous popes was replaced by a certain optimism.  And the concept of the People of God included an effort to exalt the role of the laity.  But that in turn brought further debate about the respective roles of priests and laymen.

Archbishop Lefebvre saw a crisis in the priesthood that would put less emphasis on the administration of the Sacraments, and more on preaching and social activism.  And in the midst of the liturgical reform, the new rite of the Mass introduced by Pope Paul VI, as shown by Dr. Xavier da Silveira in his book, sought to introduce ecumenical elements into the Mass.  This in turn had effects on civil society, prompted by an emphasis on collaboration with non-Catholics and governmental initiatives, overshadowing the organized lay apostolate promoted by the popes prior to the Council.

In the midst of these developments, there appeared a growing movement to preserve the traditional Roman rite, participated in by both priests and laity, but in ways proper to their different states of life.  While Archbishop Lefebvre devoted himself to the formation of priests to celebrate the traditional rite, a growing lay apostolate dedicated itself in turn to a doctrinal defense of Tradition, including the Church’s ancient Roman rite.  The book on the problems with the new Mass by Arnaldo Xavier da Silveira is an example of central importance, insofar as it demonstrated what Cardinal Ottaviani had stated in his letter to Paul VI, when presenting the pope with the short critical study of the novus ordo missae by a group of theologians – that the new rite departed from the doctrine of the Mass taught by the Council of Trent.5

Various priestly societies that were founded for the celebration of the traditional Mass, unlike the Society of St. Pius X which preceded them, have generally avoided public debate, concentrating on the central act of their priestly vocation – the celebration itself of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  If they were to engage in doctrinal debates, they might jeopardize their canonical status, and risk suspension or suppression of their communities.  The laity, on the other hand, are freer to discuss the doctrinal implications of the novus ordo missae.  Arnaldo Xavier da Silveira accepted this challenge and responsibility, and his book received the approval of Bishop Antonio de Castro Mayer, and later of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre.

The theological and canonical literature justifying such action on the part of the laity is sufficient to demonstrate their fidelity to the Church.  Pope Pius XII was very emphatic in clarifying the multiple forms of the lay apostolate, explaining the different degrees of their relationship with the hierarchy.  And the new Code of Canon Law is explicit in recognizing the right of the faithful to express their concerns to ecclesiastical authority.6 The book by Arnaldo Xavier da Silveira was written before the new Code was promulgated but manifests a natural right to appeal to ecclesiastical superiors.  Preserving Christian Publications, therefore, is now honored to help make this timely book available to concerned Catholics.

Two Timely Issues:
The New Mass and the Possibility of a Heretical Pope

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Explaining the Last Gospel before Advent and the Great Apostasy.

The Great Apostasy has lost its luster since Paul VI instituted the changes of the Vatican II Council. Many, at the time had Paul VI labeled as the AntiChrist or The Man of Sin. Very few saw a line of successors as AntiChrists but thank God for this Bishop of Rome as Francis has helped me with my thesis. However, this is not the reason for this article. In my “Day of the Lord and the Signs of His Coming”, booklet.  I state what the spiritual meaning of what Jesus says in this chapter of Matt. 24:15-35.”When you see the abomination of desolation, which was spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the Holy place. [29] And immediately after the tribulation of those days, the sun shall be darkened and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of heaven shall be moved: [30] And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all tribes of the earth mourn: and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with much power and majesty.
Amen, I say to you this (Adulterous, was left out. 1) generation will not pass away till all these things have been accomplished.
I explain, the tribulation is the Vatican II Council which brings in the Great Apostasy, The Sun being darkened, is, Christs word, the new heretical Bibles, The Moon will not give her light, is the new church invalid sacraments, the stars falling from the heavens are the Saints they took off the calendar.   Now tell me this does not make sense. What other reason would the Lord be coming back.So, again my dear faithful, let us reflect as we approach the new year, we are one year less to Christs return and one year closer to the Biblical great chastisement of Fire that needs to happen first. 2. All the world religious are coming together as traditionalist remain divided and Satan is laughing all the way to the Bank.
Grace be with you, in Christ    Joseph B. D. SaracenoFor more info on the “Beast of the Apocalypse” go to Apostasy & Beast at https://catholicendtimetruths.com/category/apostasyandthebeast/ and get the FACTS.

1. Mark 8:382. The faithful will be protected from the fire.The Catechism Explained,1921 Spirago & Clarke pg. 272The Book of Destiny, Father H. Kramer 1956 pg. 367

Traditional Catholics and Private revelations in these Apocalyptic Times.

There is no such thing as NEW Divine Revelation.

All of the prophecies of the Bible in regard to the Great Apostasy, End Times and the AntiChrists all point to the Vatican II Council and these V-2 popes. So, any private revelations can’t tell us anything new. The paradox to this is we will know who they are when they get here.
It wasn’t our lady who told the world that the Rev. Billy Graham was the main false prophet in the Bible who worked with AntiChrist John Paul II for the new interfaith religion. It was the Holy Ghost and the Bible which I was able to interpret along with 21 other mysteries of the faith.What I am trying to explain to Catholics is that Satan is using our Lady and Venerables with their, private revelations from keeping you from the “Divine Revelations” of the Bible and especially the Book of the Apocalypse. Case in mind, the latest from the “Servants of Jesus and Mary” Fatima Center in Constable, New York, states in their recent newsletter. The third secret foretells the “Abolishment of Holy Mass” from the writings of Father Paul Kramer. Well, my dear children you find this truth in the Book of the Apocalypse, 18:5 and it’s been there for over two thousand years, along everything else that’s happening with our Church. For her Sins have reached unto Heaven. Heaven on earth is the Mass. The Vatican II Council in 13-5 to 7.You have pope John 23 in Apoc. 9 who opens the Gates of Hell, The Vatican II Council (1)
Then you have some of the Fathers using Our Lady of Fatima’s statement that, “In the End my Immaculate Heart will Triumph.” To indicate the return of a TRUE pope. Where the Bible tells us that the remnant few will be saved in the End. Not a reversal of the Vatican II Council. And if anything, the Church is protected in the wilderness by the faithful Bishops.

My dear Catholics, we as Catholics are bound by the “Deposit of Faith” which we have to believe in order to be Catholic. And they are, the Hierarchy, the BIBLE and Tradition. We are not bound by any private revelation, even those approved of by the Church.So, it’s stupid not to use the “Deposit of Faith,” when we have it on our side in the battle against Satan. None of these private revelations have brought unity among Traditional Catholics and they never will. Only when we use the “Deposit of faith,” will we have a better chance across the board.My friends, they have made Jesus just another prophet with these new Bibles they came out with. So, it’s easy now for all the other Religions to join with the Apostates and the sooner we start working together the more grace God will give us and make it more tolerable in our fight against the enemy. As the old saying goes, “make it easy on yourselves.” Let’s stop playing games with God and live up to our responsibility to what the Church teaches and that way we can die as Saints.
Grace be with you, in Christ, Joseph B. D. Saraceno    7-17-22 The 6th Sunday after Pentecost
1 The Apocalypse of St. John by Father Sylvester Berry 1921

“The greatest charity one can do to another is to lead him to the truth.” – St. Thomas Aquinas



Dear friends of the Faith.
This is the position of my website.

Pope Leo XIII “Unity of the Church” 1896.” “Encyclical “Satis Cognitum”  “it is as wrong to divide the Church as to fall into heresy.”

In as much as there are different opinions among the Traditional Fathers on the status of the church today, It’s safe to say that after 50 years no agreements are going to be reached among the Fathers before the coming of  the Lord. We must and should understand that. With this in mind, it’s everyone’s responsibility to stop attacking one another out of pain of MORTAL SIN. Whatever differences we may have among ourselves let’s keep it that way, unless we can discuss them in the spirit of charity and in no way can they be allowed to divide us. Our enemy is the Vatican II Council and all who are promoting it. Along with this secular liberal Democracy, giving us the Beast of the Apocalypse.

It has been my experience that Traditional Catholics enjoy a harmonious relationship once they become aware of the following realities and God will increase our Blessings which we need to protect us in the few years ahead.

1. We are living in the Great Apostasy spoken of by St. Paul the Apostle.
2. The Vatican II Anti Christs have taken over the chair of St. Peter and will possess it until Christ returns.
3. There will never be another True Pope.
4. Christ will be back in the Generation of the Great Apostasy. Matt.24:34.
5. The general testimonial & judgment day starts on Pentecost Sunday and ends on the eve of Trinity Sunday. After the Great Biblical Chastisement.

1. The Heresies stemming from the Vatican II Council.
2. Cultism, elevating private revelations and their messages above the Apostles and the Divine doctrinal teachings of the Church.
3. Lack of Biblical knowledge and study.
4. Mortal Sin.


God bless you and see you on that last Testimonial Judgment day.
In Christ, Joseph B. D. Saraceno

One Reason Republicans did not do as well as it Should have. 11-16-22

Our Democracy has become a political system where one has the right to be wrong. No matter the facts, truth is an orphan. At least sixty percent of the graduation students coming out of public schools are coming out liberal. They believe in women’s right to choose same sex relationships. Gays are getting married and adopting children and straights are shacking up and not having babies, and you have congress promising them all these benefits and free money.
Do you know that in the State of California if you trap an Opossum, you have to go out to your sidewalk and release him. With wild cats, you have to take it to the nearest cat adoption Agency. But babies can be Legally KILLED. So, animals have more rights than HUMANS.
The Christian family is becoming obsolete; drug addiction and teen suicides are at an all-time high. The list is endless. It’s no wonder that the Republicans did not achieve their goals in the midterm election. We need to reach out to the youth of America if we hope to have a future.
In Christ, Joseph B.D. Saraceno