Traditional Catholics and Private revelations in these Apocalyptic Times.

There is no such thing as NEW Divine Revelation.

All of the prophecies of the Bible in regard to the Great Apostasy, End Times and the AntiChrists all point to the Vatican II Council and these V-2 popes. So, any private revelations can’t tell us anything new. The paradox to this is we will know who they are when they get here.
It wasn’t our lady who told the world that the Rev. Billy Graham was the main false prophet in the Bible who worked with AntiChrist John Paul II for the new interfaith religion. It was the Holy Ghost and the Bible which I was able to interpret along with 21 other mysteries of the faith.What I am trying to explain to Catholics is that Satan is using our Lady and Venerables with their, private revelations from keeping you from the “Divine Revelations” of the Bible and especially the Book of the Apocalypse. Case in mind, the latest from the “Servants of Jesus and Mary” Fatima Center in Constable, New York, states in their recent newsletter. The third secret foretells the “Abolishment of Holy Mass” from the writings of Father Paul Kramer. Well, my dear children you find this truth in the Book of the Apocalypse, 18:5 and it’s been there for over two thousand years, along everything else that’s happening with our Church. For her Sins have reached unto Heaven. Heaven on earth is the Mass. The Vatican II Council in 13-5 to 7.You have pope John 23 in Apoc. 9 who opens the Gates of Hell, The Vatican II Council (1)
Then you have some of the Fathers using Our Lady of Fatima’s statement that, “In the End my Immaculate Heart will Triumph.” To indicate the return of a TRUE pope. Where the Bible tells us that the remnant few will be saved in the End. Not a reversal of the Vatican II Council. And if anything, the Church is protected in the wilderness by the faithful Bishops.

My dear Catholics, we as Catholics are bound by the “Deposit of Faith” which we have to believe in order to be Catholic. And they are, the Hierarchy, the BIBLE and Tradition. We are not bound by any private revelation, even those approved of by the Church.So, it’s stupid not to use the “Deposit of Faith,” when we have it on our side in the battle against Satan. None of these private revelations have brought unity among Traditional Catholics and they never will. Only when we use the “Deposit of faith,” will we have a better chance across the board.My friends, they have made Jesus just another prophet with these new Bibles they came out with. So, it’s easy now for all the other Religions to join with the Apostates and the sooner we start working together the more grace God will give us and make it more tolerable in our fight against the enemy. As the old saying goes, “make it easy on yourselves.” Let’s stop playing games with God and live up to our responsibility to what the Church teaches and that way we can die as Saints.
Grace be with you, in Christ, Joseph B. D. Saraceno    7-17-22 The 6th Sunday after Pentecost
1 The Apocalypse of St. John by Father Sylvester Berry 1921

“The greatest charity one can do to another is to lead him to the truth.” – St. Thomas Aquinas


Dear friends of the Faith.
This is the position of my website.

Pope Leo XIII “Unity of the Church” 1896.” “Encyclical “Satis Cognitum”  “it is as wrong to divide the Church as to fall into heresy.”

In as much as there are different opinions among the Traditional Fathers on the status of the church today, It’s safe to say that after 50 years no agreements are going to be reached among the Fathers before the coming of  the Lord. We must and should understand that. With this in mind, it’s everyone’s responsibility to stop attacking one another out of pain of MORTAL SIN. Whatever differences we may have among ourselves let’s keep it that way, unless we can discuss them in the spirit of charity and in no way can they be allowed to divide us. Our enemy is the Vatican II Council and all who are promoting it. Along with this secular liberal Democracy, giving us the Beast of the Apocalypse.

It has been my experience that Traditional Catholics enjoy a harmonious relationship once they become aware of the following realities and God will increase our Blessings which we need to protect us in the few years ahead.

1. We are living in the Great Apostasy spoken of by St. Paul the Apostle.
2. The Vatican II Anti Christs have taken over the chair of St. Peter and will possess it until Christ returns.
3. There will never be another True Pope.
4. Christ will be back in the Generation of the Great Apostasy. Matt.24:34.
5. The general testimonial & judgment day starts on Pentecost Sunday and ends on the eve of Trinity Sunday. After the Great Biblical Chastisement.

1. The Heresies stemming from the Vatican II Council.
2. Cultism, elevating private revelations and their messages above the Apostles and the Divine doctrinal teachings of the Church.
3. Lack of Biblical knowledge and study.
4. Mortal Sin.


God bless you and see you on that last Testimonial Judgment day.
In Christ, Joseph B. D. Saraceno


NOVENA (Start Novena nine days prior to Feast of Pentecost)

On my knees before the great multitude of heavenly witnesses I offer myself, soul and body to Thee O Eternal Spirit of God.  I adore the brightness of Thy purity the unerring keenness of Thy justice and the might of Thy love.  Thou art the Strength and Light of my soul.  In Thee I live move and am.  I desire never to grieve Thee by unfaithfulness to grace and I pray with all my heart to be kept from the smallest sin against Thee.  Mercifully guard my every thought and grant that I may always watch for Thy light and listen to Thy voice and follow Thy gracious inspirations.  I cling to thee and give myself to Thee and ask Thee by thy compassion to watch over me in my weakness.  Holding the pierced Feet of Jesus and looking at His Five Wounds and trusting in His Precious Blood and adoring His opened Side and stricken Heart I implore Thee Adorable Spirit Helper of my infirmity, so to keep me in Thy grace that I may never sin against Thee.  Give me grace
O Holy Ghost, Spirit of the Father and of the Son to say to Thee always and everywhere “Speak Lord for Thy servant heareth.”  Amen.  ( This prayer to be recited daily during the Novena)

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Easter, Ascension Thursday, Pentecost and Parousia

The Case for the Ascension of Christ – Pastor Brian Chilton
The Descent of the Holy Ghost by Titian Photograph by Jozef Sedmak | Pixels

Christ’s death and Resurrection begins the work of Our Redemption, but Christ’s work is incomplete, 1 (666) as Heaven needs to be opened and the Birth of the Church needs to be propagated.
  Heaven having been closed now for about 4000 years is once again opened on Ascension Thursday. “He ascended into heaven, sitteth at the right hand of God, the Father Almighty; FROM THENCE He shall come to judge the living and the dead.”  2

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Traditional Fathers turn a blind Eye to the Great Apostasy & Christ’s Return

French Diocesan Priests Call Faithful to join SSPX Rosary Crusade -  OnePeterFive

Remember SSPX last Rosary Crusade. As of May 23, 2014, over 1 million rosaries have been turned in within the USA District of SSPX for the SSPX’s 5-million Rosary Crusade: 1,126,403 to be exact. As I recall this was done was when Benedict XVI was in office. If you would be so kind to observe what transpired after these millions of Rosaries. We had Benedict XVI resign and the election of AntiChrist Francis, O.K. but isn’t this like going from the frying pan into the fire?

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Explaining Our Lady Queen of the Apostles

Mary Queen of Apostles – Windows to the Soul Blog

In response to a Traditional Catholic person.
Below is her response towards my criticism of Catholics using our Lady to contradict “Divine Revelation” to what is the status of the Church today, as a result of Vatican Council II. Mostly with the Fatima’s prophecies and those of Divine Revelation. The Church teaches that there cannot be a contradiction between the two.

Here is her statement which is backed up by a Catholic priest: “The Virgin Mary is Queen of the universe and in her Litany, she is known as Queen of the Apostles, therefore she is above the angels and the apostles, to say otherwise is heresy.”
My response: Yes, I know Our Lady is the Queen of the Apostles but what you don’t understand is, every Apostle is a KING. On Bishops in the Catholic Church. (1) All Bishops are NOT the Vicar’s of the Bishop of Rome. They are the vicars of Jesus Christ himself. 1 Corinthians 11

Please realize that the head of every man is Christ, and the head of the woman is man, and the head of Christ is God
Just briefly…

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Catholic Laity will be called upon in the End Times

Father Herman Kramer “The Book of Destiny” and Father S. Berry’s “The Apocalypse of St. John” 1921

This has the book copies posted as well

Catholic Laity will be called upon in the End Times. Catholic Action, the organized work of the laity that is performed under the direction or mandate of a bishop in the fields of dogma, morals, liturgy, education, and charity. In 1927 

Pope Pius XI gave the term its classical definition as “the participation of the laity in the apostolate of the hierarchy.” As Catholics we know where the line is between the religious and the laity. However, what has been puzzling to me is that, even with all the laity, (Men and Woman) who have spoken out and written against the Vatican Il Council fail to grasp our current role in the Mystical body of Christ. Especially with the fact that since the close of the heretical council, (depending on your point of view) we wound up without a formal, jurisdictional hierarchy.

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Please pray for Fr. Burfitt.

Father Burfitt who was the prior down here in the L.A. area went to Post Falls, Idaho where he gave a retreat and got the Covid. He was the one who sued the Governor of California and won the case which helped us get back into our Churches. I gave him my “Day of the Lord” booklet about 5 years ago. Never replied to it but we stayed friends. Or at least speaking terms. Prayers needed.

The Assumption of The Blessed Virgin Mary

The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary – St Teilo's with Our Lady of  Lourdes

I wrote an article like this in August 2011 on “The Assumption and Speculative Theology,” and sent it out to many of our Fathers. I also included SSPX and SGG.

One of the reasons for the transfiguration of Our Lord  was to demonstrate the relationship between our body and our Ghost, (soul). The reason being to what transpires during the general judgment. In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye…” I Corin. 15:52.  Often to illustrate this at some of my lectures, I would go over to a light switch. Then point to the light bulb in the off position. Then say,  with the light bulb turned off, think of it as our physical body. When God turns the switch on, you go immediately to your Ghost, then those who go to heaven, go in our glorified Ghost and, (We become like the Angels). 
Back in those days very little was known about the other world. The Sadducees and Pharisees were divided on the existence of Angels.

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Christ returns on Pentecost Sunday

At least Five of our early Bishops told me that there was nothing heretical on my findings that Christ would come back on Pentecost Sunday as long is I did not pick the exact year. This was in the 70’s. Later I realized my mistake in not getting it in writing. It took about 30 years to wise up. So, finally in the 90’s I start getting them. Here are a couple you may know, others in Europe but could not vouch for their orders.

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