Why Heroin Use Is Skyrocketing Across The US

heroineHeroin abuse has been getting more attention lately.

Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin recently spent his entire 34-minute State of the State address talking about the state’s “full-blown heroin crisis,” and law enforcement officials in small cities across New England have noted an increase in heroin use.

Demand for the drug might be coming from people who are hooked on prescription pills. MORE

Survival Defense When Guns Are Not Allowed (Although the Rosary & Sacramentals are first & foremost)

BIGDefenseIn the time before a major crisis occurs, private ownership or use of firearms, bows and arrows, and crossbows may be illegal and banned. As the situation gets worse, the government will impose martial law and confiscate weapons no matter how well you may think they are hidden.

Here are a few weapons that may be overlooked and that can be used to protect your family and loved ones. MORE

VIDEO: Satanic Ritual Taking Over USA–You or Someone You Know Has Probably Done This Unaware–and You Will Be Shocked!

icebucketchallenge2It seems just about everyone is doing the “Ice Bucket” Challenge…in fact, I can’t recall a day in the past few weeks where I haven’t seen something on someone’s Facebook page about it. Even in USA Today, it was reported that a grandfather dumped a large bucket of ice water on an infant!  You can CLICK HERE to see that story. MORE

Vatican releases outline for October synod on the family

synodAlso drawing attention to the topic of same-sex unions, the cardinal explained that within the outline “a distinction is made between the contexts in which civil legislation is more or less in favor.”

He emphasized that “There is a need for pastoral care on the part of the particular Churches in these situations, including matters relating to children who may be present.” MORE

VIDEO: Billions of locusts invade Madagascan capital

MAdBillions of locusts swarmed Madagascar’s capital Antananarivo on Thursday, prompting residents and tourists to share photographs of the sudden insect invasion on Twitter, while experts worried about the effect on the country’s food supply.

In the past five years, swarms of giant locusts have regularly swept in over the island nation off Africa’s southeastern coast, devastating crops and other food supplies within just a few hours. MORE