I am the Lord thy God. Thou shalt not have strange gods before me.
Thou shalt not bear false witness

Mostly self-taught Catholic scholar on Eschatology

Due to what transpired in the early 60’s and due to the fact that I had become locked in my line of work in the major bakery profession; Wonder Bread, Hostess and other bakery’s who had this type of work. I wasn’t able to attend church because at the time we worked on Sundays. For those of you who remember the 60’s, can recall what we went through trying to raise a family. As I recall we had the Vietnam war protesters, then add the beatniks, flower children, the drugs, mini-skirts, topless bars, R Rated movies, etc., not to mention the shootings of the Kennedy’s, Martin Luther King and Governor Wallace. People were drinking on the job and even wife swapping became fashionable.

I got out of the service in 1957 and some months latter a sales person came to the house selling these big leather covered Bibles, Catholic or Protestant. I decided to purchase the Papal edition, as it was called the Douay-Challoner Text, 1951. It had the old & new testaments, stations of the cross, a short history of the rosary, Catholic names for boys and girls, explanation of the Seven Sacraments and after the book of the Apocalypse, a Catholic encyclopedia of 288 pages. So not only did I start reading but began studying as much as I could.

Finally I was able to buy some income property which enabled me to quit the higher paying bakery work to a lesser shipping job, but now I had a Monday to Friday work week and started joining the family on Sundays back to church. This was around 1964. One thing I left out was I was able to join up with the biggest Rosary group in Los Angeles, which met every first Saturday evening, called the Padre Pio Rosary group, affiliated with the Blue Army and because I worked with them more than a few years. I got an honorary title of a patron son of Padre Pio. I was also attending adult catechism classes to see how much I learned from my self studies and attended many lectures by prominent theologians.

It wasn’t until 1968 that I began to find out about the Vatican II Council. The council of change was coming and as a result found myself spear heading into the Traditional Catholic movement by backing a Fatima crusader movement which is known as CMRI and influenced many priests into becoming traditional and sede-vacantist through the Archbishop Ngo Dinh Thuc line.

I knew I had most of the missing pieces of the puzzle and was able to instruct the Fathers to the fact that we had just entered into the, “Great Apostasy,” spoken of by St. Paul. The rest is history as they say, in fact, that’s when the battle for the Church took place, in the early 70’s and those who went Traditional became the Church and won the battle. Pope-less.

It was February 22, 1973 that I officially announced the Second Coming of Christ, as He would come back on Pentecost Sunday and that the general judgment lasts about a week. My ad for this was first printed in a Catholic newsletter called, “Veritas” located in Kentucky and after, in just about every Catholic newsletter I could find. My Title in these newsletters was, “Christs return & the Beast of the Apocalypse,” One newsletter who would not run my ad was, “Catholic Family News,” I guess the Fatima secret, which no one really knows what it says was more important than the Second Coming of Christ.

I have all of these subjects covered in this web site, so feel free to search for yourself and you will find I did my homework on all of these issues.

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Remember, it doesn’t matter HOW you die, but that you die in the State of Grace. In this way you will share the rest of your life with the Eternal Bliss who gave you life in the first place.

God bless, grace be with you,
In Christ, Joseph Bruno Dominic Saraceno

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