noah2SPOILER: Well, truth is stranger than fiction. I just saw a bunch of fiction that was unpredictably predictable. Yes a paradox. Noah a man of little vision. Just BASE with absolutely NO depth. A great man who became little within a micro-second, on top of that with OCD. He’s obsessed by saving the world from mankind by murdering the next generation by killing his own offspring. WHAT? Continue reading

Jimmy Carter talks about sex (again)

jimmyIn an interview with The Washington Post, former president Jimmy Carter said he would advise young people “if they can” to refrain from sex before marriage, but said he doesn’t criticize his 12 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren if they behave differently. “We look the other way,” the president said. “I’ve learned we can’t have the same mores.” Carter also said he wrote to Pope Francis and told him to make good on his promise to create a greater role for women.


Tornadoes touch down in Northern California

CaliforniaTornadoes touched down during storms in Northern California, including one twister near Sacramento that damaged a dozen homes and left a path of debris about 300 yards long.Between a dozen to 20 houses suffered roof and fence damage when a tornado hit near Roseville in Placer County shortly after 6:15 p.m. Wednesday, Rob Baquera, a fire department spokesman, said Thursday. MORE

VIDEO: The Bible stopped 3 Bullets from Entering a Bus Driver’s Chest..Police say Intervention from Above saved Man’s Life

BiblePolice said those bullets were stopped by some sort of “intervention.”“The two bullets were stopped by the New Testament book in his (shirt) pocket,” [Sgt. Michael] Pauley said. Police later referred to the book as a religious devotional titled “The Message,” which is a modern translation of the Bible. “There was obviously some kind of intervention involved in this incident, because he probably should not be here,” Pauley said. MORE

Bank of America to pay $9.3 billion to settle mortgage bond claims

Bank of America agreed to pay $9.3 billion to settle claims that it sold Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac faulty mortgagebonds, helping the bank to end one of the largest legal headaches it still faced from the financial crisis. The settlement, announced on Wednesday, includes $6.3 billion in cash and the rest in securities that Bank of America will purchase from the two housing finance entities.MORE

Jimmy Carter’s New Book Warns Misinterpretation of Bible Verses Causes Gender Inequality

peanutWhat, “the head of every man is Christ: and the Head of woman is the man.” 1 Corin. 11. Come on Jimmy, they taught you in Sunday School that the Husband is the head of the household. The Christian Family has just about been illuminated in this country and your one of the reasons why.
I hate to put salt in the wound, but an X CIA operative reported in his newsletter called the “Sparks” in the 70’s reported that Jimmy’s mom was Joe Kennedy’s secretary when he had his brokerage firm in New York and that Joe was his dad. The resemblance is their. Also Jimmy stated at the Kennedy library that, “He most represented Jack then any of the family” Hello. MORE

VIDEO: Are We REALLY Living In “THE END”? These Startling Developments May Shock You!

noahsarkWhat do the majority of people think about biblical events, such as the flood and current events?  You’ll be surprised to hear what they say, and even more surprised by the comments and questions the video host, Ray, poses.  He even leaves a disbelieving scientist speechless to the point the man becomes angry.  This video is a must-see, and well worth sharing.

YouTube Commentary: In the time of Noah, people were going about their daily lives, not mindful of the impending destruction. Like them, are we ignoring warnings of God’s coming judgment? The Bible gives us clear signs of the last days. Did you know the Scriptures say we will see: MORE

University artist: ‘Abortion a gift from god’… (which god? QUETZALCOATL? MOLOCH? KALI? All of the above?)

apocalypto-screenshot-5Abortion – the “life-sustaining act” of the ages. That’s the theme behind an exhibit currently on display at the University of Michigan dedicated to defending and glamorizing the history of abortion. “4000 Years for Choice is an exhibition of posters about the age-old practices of abortion and contraception as a means to reclaim reproductive freedom as a deeply personal and life-sustaining act existing throughout all of human history,” states a university webpage describing the exhibit. MORE