Volcano’s acting up around the world

Southwest Iceland is currently experiencing a “swarm” of seismic activity, with more than 20,000 earthquakes recorded since February 24, according to the the Icelandic Meteorological Office. The office said magma movements are likely the cause of the current surge on the Reykjanes Peninsula, raising fears of a volcanic eruption. MORE

Hello Everyone. Don’t forget the Litany of St. Joseph for March

The litany of St. Joseph, one of only six approved by the Church for public as well as private use, sums up qualities that made him such an important part of the Holy Family (pictured above).

Although he does not appear much in scripture, this “just man” (as he is called in Matthew 1:19), a humble carpenter, served our Lord and the Blessed Virgin Mary faithfully as His “foster-father” and her “chaste guardian,” as he is called below.

In referring to St. Joseph as a “diligent protector” of Christ, this litany brings to mind his important role in taking Mary and the infant child Jesus to Egypt to protect our Lord from being killed by King Herod (Matt 3:13-16).

The Litany of St. Joseph, in referring to him as a “patron of the dying” gives one of many examples of his patronage. The faithful ask for his assistance for workers, home buyers (and sellers) and, of course, carpenters, among many others!

When this litany is prayed in public, the congregation responds to a leader with the words in italics.

Lord, have mercy.
Christ, have mercy.
Lord, have mercy.
Christ, hear us.
Christ, graciously hear us. 
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The Double Thinking of some Traditional Fathers. First part Bishop Ezequiel Moreno

File:COA sede vacante San Giovanni in Laterano 2006-09-07.jpg - Wikimedia  Commons

Facebook reprinted my letter shared with Public 3-2-21

First part Bishop Ezequiel Moreno,
The double thinking of some Traditional Fathers, some very clever Bishops and Priests, who have seen and know perfectly well what the conciliar church stands for, who wrote magnificent books on this subject, who know all about this new religion that sprang up there, however do not see or manage to talk about what happens within their own Society. Why?

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Why a Catholic journalist is urging the church to engage Black Lives Matter

“Jesus saith to him: I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No man cometh to the Father, but by me.” [John 14:6] Our Lord never mentions race.

“And in his name the Gentiles shall hope.”[Matthew 12:21] Our Lord mentions all races.

In her book, ‘Birth of a Movement,’ Olga Marina Segura highlights how the Black Lives Matter movement ‘is the secular version of our Catholic social teaching.’ MORE