The true definition of 666 in the book of Revelation

When referring to the Jews, the Jews are associated with their 6 days of creation teachings and they are known as the religion of 6 plus 1. The seventh day is the rest day, the Sabbath. Now in the Jewish religion, (from which we come) the promise of the Messiah is a reflection of the Sabbath. Seven days are the perfect week, therefore, when the Messiah comes into the world,

the Church becomes his perfect state of Seven, without the Messiah the Church is in its imperfect or incomplete state of 6. It is that simple. The 6-pointed star on its flag and in the temple have a stand of seven candelabras. The one in the middle contains the other six and represents the Messiah and never lights up until the Messiah enters the world. However, one has to understand why St. John used the term 666 against the Jews. In the first place, John did not write, six hundred and sixty-six. Although Solomon? He asked Six hundred and sixty-six gold coins for the maintenance of the temple. (1) In this period in the history of the Church, the gospel was preached through most of the Roman Empire. Then, at this point, the synagogues that were converted became churches and those that did not change began to attack and persecute the Christian Jews. I must remind you that the Jews had a treaty with the Romans, except with those who rebelled in Jerusalem. So now there are Christians who are attacked and persecuted by the Jews and the Romans. Now in the Jewish faith. When you want to curse or curse someone, a race or a country, you would say it THREE times, like woe, woe, woe. Because John is angry over the Jews, he calls them by naming them the Synagogue of Satan, six, six, six. Jewish Jewish Jewish, Wait, I’m not finished. You must understand that the early church was also fighting the traitors and heretics in rank and file and John is also warning us about the future and the end times in which the church will again suffer these same persecutions. The mark on the hand OR forehead is poorly translated. It is hand and head, which is the Jewish band of slavery to God that the Jews carry to this day. It’s called Phylacteries and it comes from Ex.13: 9 & Deut. 6: 8-11: 13.

Now in the future, the Christian Church takes the place of the Jewish faith and becomes the perfect or complete state of faith because Christ has his seventh candle lit and until the Jews have their Messiah, they will always be in the imperfect. State of their candles as a religion. 

Today’s mark of the Beast begins with Pope John XXIII. Briefly, when he called the Council, he declared that he wanted to unite all Christians. But what he meant was that he wanted to unite all religions. To do this, they would have to make Jesus a mere prophet. That’s why they came out with new Bibles. They took out those passages that made Jesus Divine. (2) Then, once Paul VI approved these changes, he took the Church of Christ and returned it to the imperfect state of six as of the Jews. Now all the religions and society that agree with these changes will have accepted the “Mark of the Beast”, which today is only the majority.

       In Christ, Joseph B. D. Saraceno

       (1) 3 Kings 10:14