VIDEO: Pagan Amazonian Statues Used by Pope Francis in Controversial Vatican Ceremony Removed from Church and Chucked into Tiber River

Now do Francis . It wouldn’t be the first time a pope is thrown into the Tiber.

LifeSite launched a petition after the ceremony urging the Vatican to remove the pagan statues and any other allegedly pagan symbolism at the Synod that was then being displayed at Santa Maria in Traspontina Church near St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. MORE

Archbishop P.M. Ngo Dinh Thuc received “extraordinary” authority from Pope Pius XI

Archbishop P.M. Ngo Dinh Thuc received “extraordinary” authority from Pope Pius XI providing him with the ability to act in all manners and circumstances that would normally require recourse to the Holy See. Archbishop Thuc, seeing the state of affairs in the Roman Catholic Church (the liberal revolution led by the hierarchy) after Vatican II, used this authority to continue to ordain Catholic bishops and priests for tradition, so that the faithful would have recourse to the true Catholic Sacraments administered by validly ordained priests. MORE

The untold story of how the Beatles contributed to the fall of communism

I watched this show and it was awesome, truly if you can get it or watch it do so.

How the Beatles Rocked the Kremlin tells the extraordinary and untold story of how the Beatles punctured the Iron Curtain. In a personal journey through Russia by award-winning director Leslie Woodhead, he tells in first-person accounts the story of a secret revolution which contributed to the fall of communism. VIDEO

Meet the mobster who claims he helped whack Pope John Paul I over stock fraud

Colombo gangster Anthony Raimondi (left) claims he was present in 1978 when fellow conspirators killed Pope John Paul I (above) with cyanide — because the pontiff threatened to expose a stock fraud by Vatican bank insiders — in the new book “When the Bullet Hits the Bone.”

He helped kill the pope — so his pals could stay out of hell.

That’s the shocking claim from longtime Colombo gangster Anthony Raimondi, who says that, in 1978, he went to Italy with a team of hit men who whacked John Paul I. They allegedly poisoned him with cyanide just 33 days into the pontiff’s reign, according to Raimondi’s new book, “When the Bullet Hits the Bone,” out now from Page Publishing. MORE

Nowhere on MSM/LA Times/Antelope Valley News Lancaster or CNN. Complete cover-up of misconduct from Congresswoman Katie Hill

N. San Fernando Valley-Lancaster-Palmdale – 
Representative (DCA 25th District) since 2019

It seems the MAJORITY of Democrats in DC are working overtime to perfect hypocrisy. It’s like watching an “Animal House” marathon 24×7. I am so done with the blatant in-your-face disregard for law and the seemingly never-ending hypocrisy of the Left. MORE & MORE &MORE