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 Vol 10 Issue 25 ~ Editor: Rev. Fr. Courtney Edward Krier
 June 24, 2017 ~ Nativity of John the Baptist
1. Is the Chair of Peter Vacant? An Argument for Sedevacantism
2. Third Sunday
3. Saint William
4. Family and Marriage
5. Articles and notices
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St. John the Baptist ~ Nativity June 24

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Father Kevin O’ Sullivan commentaries 1957, Third Sunday of Advent

St. John the Baptist, Elias and God’s Kingdom
When John the Bap­tist appeared at the Jordan river, pro­claiming that the kingdom of God was at hand (cf. Mt. 3:1-12; Mk. 1:2-8; Lk. 3:2-18) the Jews flocked to hear him. The expectation of the Promised Re­deemer, the Messias, was strong at this time, and here was a Prophet announcing his proximate arrival and calling on the people to repent of their sins in order to be prepared to receive him. To stir their souls to a desire for moral purification John baptized his followers. It was not the sacrament of baptism instituted later by Christ, and had no value except in as far as it was accompanied by true interior sorrow for sin; its value in other words was dependent on the interior act of contri­tion. The Temple authorities in Jerusalem hearing of the multitudes who were flock­ing to John became interested, and per­haps alarmed, and they sent a delegation of Priests and Levites down to the Jordan to interrogate the Baptist.

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On Pope Pius XII and the Mass Changes

The documents of Pope Pius XII concerning liturgical reform and it is nothing different than Pope St. Pius X–who was the one who started the movement. Will he be next on the list and then Pope St. Pius V? For Traditio it is a fight for their refusing to follow Pius XII’s Restored Holy Week Liturgy–and rejecting of Papal authority. Can you tell me that all the great theologians of the sixties who opposed the Novus Ordo and the first reference was always Pius XII’s Mediator Dei and Humani Generis–not John XXIII’s lying promise not to remove Latin while changing the liturgy. You have to remember that under Pius XII, anything that was Modernist was condemned and the perpetrator punished–just look at all the bishops thrown out of the Vatican by Pius XII  and rewarded as Cardinals under John XXIII, all the theologians silenced by Pius XII and re-instated by John XXIII. John XXIII did not fire–he still worked on same commission–it was that he needed someone more acceptable and higher to promulgate his Conciliar vision. If John XXIII is aware of the so-called error of the Restored Liturgy, why did he not reject it? No, he changed the prayer for the conversion of the Jews so it would be more neutral because he knew what he was doing, establishing a syncretic church–and Traditio supports him? It was only two months after his election that he brought Bishop Montini into the Vatican and made him a Cardinal.From this point on Montini was running the show. One month later he called the council. Pope John XXIII was just a transition Pope and everyone new it.
Also you will find Pope John XXIII in the book of the Apocalypse chapter 9 as the one who opens the gates of Hell.

In Christ, Joseph B. D. Saraceno

Why Liberals or democrats dislike President Trump

1. He’s stopping graduate students with degrees from coming into our country and taking jobs away from Americans.
2. He’s sending a message to those countries who harbor terrorists that their people are not wanted in our country.
3. He’s telling companies to produce their products over here or face retaliation from the U.S.
4. He’s putting America first by getting foreign companies to open bushiness over here.
5. He’s deporting  illegal  criminal immigrants back to their countries where they belong.
6. He’ trying to cut taxes for our company’s so that they can be more competitive in the world market place.
Unfortunately to liberals these policies are UN-American, to them, we should go hungry while we feed the world. Duh.
Joseph B.D. Saraceno

More than 460 earthquakes recorded so far in Yellowstone Park swarm

The earthquake swarm affecting the western edge of Yellowstone National Park has included more than 460 quakes so far, scientists say.

The University of Utah, whose seismography stations monitor the park’s quake activity, said Monday night that 464 quakes have been recorded since June 12, including a magnitude 4.4 earthquake near West Yellowstone on June 15, which was the largest of the swarm to date. MORE

It’s so hot in Phoenix, they can’t fly planes

PHOENIX — The extreme heat forecast for Phoenix on Tuesday has caused the cancellation of 20 American Airlines flights out of Sky Harbor International Airport.  According to a statement from American Airlines, the American Eagle regional flights use the Bombardier CRJ aircraft, which has a maximum operating MORE

California Senate votes to ban foam takeout containers

Sandwiches, milkshakes and other food items frequently packaged in foam takeout containers will have to be packaged in other materials under a bill that cleared the state Senate on Thursday. SB 568 by Sen. Alan Lowenthal (D-Long Beach) would prohibit food vendors and restaurants from dispensing prepared foods to customers in polystyrene foam beginning Jan. 1, 2014. MORE

Insight into the Catholic Faith presents the Catholic Tradition Newsletter

Vol 10 Issue 24 ~ Editor: Rev. Fr. Courtney Edward Krier
June 17, 2017 ~ Our Lady on Saturday
1. Is the Chair of Peter Vacant? An Argument for Sedevacantism
2. Trinity Sunday
3. Saint Ephraim
4. Family and Marriage
5. Articles and notices
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Why are Traditionalists in Denial of Reality?

 6-15-17  Corpus Christi
But you ask, aren’t we the members of the true faith? The light of the world, who cannot be mislead or deceived?  My friends, Satan is laughing all the way to the Bank. Traditionalist are more divided or confused now than they were 45 years ago. Just look at the split now occurring in the SSPX group.  Even the Sede Vacantists are Sede Vacantists without an AntiChrist and how in the world will the consecration of Russia reverse Vatican Council II?  When Pope John XXIII called the council he stated that he wanted to bring the Christian Religions together, however he really meant ALL of the religions together. By the way, you will find Pope John XXIII in the book of the Apocalypse chapter IX.

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VIDEO: London Fire: Muslims Beginning Ramadan Fast May Have Saved Lives In Grenfell Tower

Muslims who were awake because they were beginning their Ramadan fast “saved people’s lives” when a deadly blaze broke out at a west London tower block, HuffPost UK has been told.

At least 50 people have been taken to five hospitals for treatment as hundreds of residents in the 27-storey, 120 flat, Grenfell Tower in north Kensington have been evacuated from their flats in the building that caught fire just after 1.15am. MORE

The United Methodist Church has appointed a transgender deacon

The bishop spoke the traditional words as she placed her hands on the new deacon named M with just a slight difference from the way those words have always been spoken before.

“Pour out your Holy Spirit upon M,” the bishop said. “Send them now to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ, to announce the reign of God and to equip the church for ministry.”

Not “send him now” or “send her now.” “Send them now.” MORE

Religious ritual 1, chickens 0

People participate in the Jewish religious holiday of Kaporos in the Brooklyn borough of New York City, on Oct. 9, 2016. Photo courtesy of Reuters/Stephanie Keith


A group seeking to end the ritual slaughter of thousands of chickens in New York City’s Brooklyn borough has suffered a legal setback.

The Alliance to End Chickens as Kaporos asked the New York state courts to order local police to enforce public nuisance, safety and health codes to prevent Orthodox Jews from engaging in “kaporot,” the annual ritual slaughter of barnyard chickens. MORE