Blacks have something to be proud of

In hearing Blacks complain about how they get very little credit in helping in the establishment of  America. I tell them that they have a couple of things to be proud of. Especially if there Catholics.
All of the end time false prophets and AntiChrists are all WHITE people. Yea.
In Christ, Joseph

Saint Christopher Columbus?

Even most Catholics today do not realize that a number of Fathers of the First Vatican Council actually submitted a papal petition for Columbus’ canonization.

Another Columbus Day has passed. The usual suspects in the secular, and now sadly even “Catholic” media have trotted out their yearly calumnies of the man whom America still, to her credit, honors with a National Holiday.  MORE

Father Benjamin Fama RIP 10-10-19

It is considerable pertinence that Father Fama was “ordained” by JP-II. He however, after considerable study, entertained doubts about the validity of his ordination and spoke with other Traditional Catholics who in turn strongly urged him to get conditionally ordained by a traditional bishop. He also was informed that Bishop Taylor, whose orders he investigated in Rome, where he had access to such information, had valid orders and was a true bishop, and hence had the power to ordain and consecrate.

So, for years, Father Fama became accepted by many traditionalists and  he worked feverishly in promoting the faith as best as he could.
May the Lord have mercy on his soul
In Christ, Joseph

Samuel Little Is Most Prolific Serial Killer in U.S. History, F.B.I. Says

Samuel Little Composite

The biggest killer ever. A Black guy who killed Black women.

Five years after analysts with the FBI’s Violent Criminal Apprehension Program (ViCAP) began linking cases to convicted murderer Samuel Little—and nearly 18 months after a Texas Ranger began to elicit from him a breathtaking number of confessions—the FBI has confirmed Little to be the most prolific serial killer in U.S. history. MORE VIDEO