Pennsylvania governor announces ‘LGBT Affairs’ commission to push gay agenda

(Note: Years ago I warned of a homosexual takeover of the United States. They said I was crazy; it would never happen in a million years! Well, it has happened and the question is why did it happen? Who planned and orchestrated the complete perversion of the American People? With The schools completely befouled and corrupted beyond all hope, there is little doubt that 70% of the American people are degenerate.

The American people are so corrupt that they don’t even know what the proper role of government is. Those who do care are heart-broken and grief-stricken.  These people are theives and liars and they want total chaos in which to rule. Be advised. )

HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania, August 8, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Pennsylvania’s Democrat Gov. Tom Wolf signed an executive order Monday creating the Pennsylvania Commission on LGBTQ Affairs, a body dedicated to promoting homosexual and transgender interests in a wide variety of ways. MORE

Futuristic Gyroscopic Transportation By Dahir Insaat

This transport device drives over traffic

Taking public transportation to the next level.

Posted by What the Future on Monday, July 30, 2018

Demands rise for Arab Knesset members to resign Is Palestine prepared for a major earthquake?

Demands rise for Arab Knesset members to resign in wake of Nationality Law
The highly controversial Jewish nation-state law has heated up debate inside major Israeli parties and exposed a shaky Israeli political governance structure. MORE

Is Palestine prepared for a major earthquake?
On July 19, Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah met with members of the Supreme Council for Palestinian Civil Defense to discuss earthquake preparedness, and emergency field councils were formed in the West Bank. MORE

For all those who hate plastic

For all those who hate plastic, throw everything away that’s made out of plastic including the circuit boards inside your computers. And don’t ever email us again (because you can’t) saying how superior you are to everyone else because you did the brave thing.

They say they are Jews and are not, (Apoc: 3:9) They say they are Americans and are not, They say they are Catholics and are not.


As a Traditional Catholic, close to 50 years now, It never ceases to amaze me how Satan is so successful generation after generation when all he does is use the same tactics on each generation. The same can be said for those Catholics who become Saints, thank God. In so far as the Church obligations, what I find missing today in our daily lives, is what I call my two word definition of being a Catholic and that is to DO GOOD. Continue reading

If the foundations be destroyed by those who are in charge, what can the righteous do?

Pretty Good. There is an old saying that crooks don’t turn themselves in. Also the new Church has turned itself into just another type of jew-do protestant religion.
 One question that was asked after last week’s homily was, “Why don’t ‘good’ priests and ‘good’ bishops blow the whistle on the abusive priests and bishops?” Many people still don’t (I believe most priests still don’t) understand just how evil the active homosexual or homosexual activist (AH/HA from here on out) priests and bishops are. MORE VIDEO

The Man of Sin and first Homosexual (Paul VI) to be canonized by # 5 AntiChrist Francis. Clever Francis is using a decent Archbishop who was martyred to cover for the evil one Paul VI, Woe Woe Woe to the World.

ROME – Pope Francis has chosen the date for the ceremony that will see the Catholic Church officially recognize the sainthood of Pope Paul VI and Oscar Romero, Archbishop of San Salvador, who was martyred as he was celebrating Mass: They will be canonized on Oct. 14, 2018. MORE

Natural disasters are always a wake-up call & Signs of CHRIST’S RETURN

Editor: Rev. Fr. Courtney Edward Krier – 9-16-17 – Saints Cyprian & Cornelius opn!

Dear Reader: Natural disasters are always a wake-up call for mankind .

A television station asked to interview me this week about my thoughts about the end of the world—in as much as there were the two hurricanes back to back with also the other natural disasters and a supposed prediction of an asteroid headed toward earth that is supposed Continue reading