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Vol 11 Issue 24 ~  Editor: Rev. Fr. Courtney Edward Krier
June 16, 2018 ~ Our Lady on Saturday

  1. What is the Sacrament of Confirmation
  2. Fourth Sunday after Pentecost
  3. Saint Gregory Barbarigo
  4. Family and Marriage
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Dear Reader:

As the Liturgy for this Sunday is directed to Saint Peter, and as the Church will, in 12 days, celebrate the Feast of Saint Peter, it brings us to one of the conundrums for Catholics today: the Roman Catholic Church without a pope. Continue reading

St. John the Baptist Nativity June 24 Novena

Father Kevin O’ Sullivan commentaries 1957, Third Sunday of Advent
St. John the Baptist, Elias and God’s Kingdom
When John the Bap­tist appeared at the Jordan river, pro­claiming that the kingdom of God was at hand (cf. Mt. 3:1-12; Mk. 1:2-8; Lk. 3:2-18) the Jews flocked to hear him. The expectation of the Promised Re­deemer, the Messias, was strong at this time, and here was a Prophet announcing his proximate arrival and calling on the people to repent of their sins in order to be prepared to receive him. To stir their souls to a desire for moral purification John baptized his followers. It was not the sacrament of baptism instituted later by Christ, and had no value except in as far as it was accompanied by true interior sorrow for sin; its value in other words was dependent on the interior act of contri­tion. The Temple authorities in Jerusalem hearing of the multitudes who were flock­ing to John became interested, and per­haps alarmed, and they sent a delegation of Priests and Levites down to the Jordan to interrogate the Baptist.

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Religious people live four years longer than atheists, study finds

Church-goers appear to live up to four years longer than atheists, at least according to an analysis of 1,000 obituaries published across the United States.

The Ohio State psychology researchers behind the study insist there is merit to the connection: people with religious affiliations often volunteer and engage in social activities throughout their lives – something routinely tied to longer lifespan. MORE

Private Enterprise, the Best Solution toward our Recovery

President Trump’s Tax Cuts and economic policies are proving to be effective. Business are starting to take an active role in hiring workers and providing on the job training for skilled positions. This along with  employee bonuses is fueling the economy.
In the mean time Health related Industries like drug stores, pharmaceutical, medical and insurance company’s are merging and working together to bring down the cost of medical expenses.
These actions are helping bring consumer confidence back and Americans are starting to feel proud to be Americans again. So you may not personally like the man but you really got to love his Economic Recovery. At least for now.
In Christ, Joseph

Pope John XXIII & Apocalypse 9, the Star that falls from Heaven

Most accepted John 23 as a pope at the time, so we can say he was UN-officially excommunicated as an accessory to the destruction of the Church when he brought Bishop Montini in the Vatican and made him a Cardinal. After this Cardinal Montini was pulling all the strings. Once Pope, Paul VI lied when he said the council was pastoral, (Not according to Pope John’s opening address) as a result this caused more confusion among the faithful. Paul VI was OFFICIALLY excommunicated on Nov. 19 1969 when he rejected publicly the complaints of the Religious to stop with the new Mass and the changes.  There was no CMRI or most other sects at the time of pope John 23.
Everyone needs to get these two books on the Apocalypse, The book of Destiny and The Apocalypse of St. John. Listed below.
Taken from “The Apocalypse of St. John.” by Father E. Sylvester Berry D.D. 1921  Printed in the October, 2007, edition of Adsum.

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What does God look like? Liberals and conservatives have different ideas, NC study finds

The image on the left is what young participants in the study imagined. The one on the right was imagined by older participants in the study.

The researchers came to that realization after asking 551 American Christians what they think God looks like, so a composite mugshot could be created from the many responses.

The end result is a mugshot that shows God is white, young and clean cut, not unlike someone from an 80s boy band.

As for his expression, Mona Lisa’s vague smile comes to mind.

Liberals imagined God as “more feminine, younger, and more loving,” while conservatives have a white guy in mind who was “more powerful,” said the researchers. MORE