What you will never hear from the pulpit

What you will never hear from the pulpit in regard to biblical teaching on Women’s Salvation and other Paradoxes.

Don’t get me wrong, the Church does make it clear that the main object of marriage is the pro-creation of children, and in one of my recent articles on the demise of the Christian Marriage, I explained how society goes against our wellbeing in this regard. As a result, women have had to become independent and provide for themselves more so than ever before.

Woman usually go along with what her man wants if she has a man, and the Church has found itself more in demand of women’s help in its support, and it’s not new that all through history women have influenced church behavior. As Isaiah 3;12 states “As for my people, their oppressors have stripped them, and women have ruled over them. O my people, they that call thee blessed, the same deceive thee, and destroy the way of thy steps.”.

So, to say how woman has been so oppressed although history is just a smoke screen set up to confuse reality and the way the novus ordo church is going now, it would not surprise me that women priests are right around the corner. My sister asked me once why women can’t be priests; my answer was right to the point: “because, I said, “God does not want woman hanging from a CROSS.” She never asked me anything religious again.

What started this letter was when I was reading 1 Timothy 2:14 “And Adam was not seduced; but the woman being seduced, was in the transgression. 15 Yet she shall be saved through childbearing; if she continues in faith, and love, and sanctification, with sobriety.”

Could you imagine stating this from the pulpits today, “That women shall be saved by childbearing.”  I can envision a stampede to the rear door. Never to return again, ha.

 Another concern I have for this article, is how Catholics are constantly using Our Lady to twist the prophecies of Scripture. Because of the protestant reformation, the protestants starting using the new versions of the Bible to form a slanted opinion of the prophecies and interpretations of these prophecies. The rapture is one good example. As a result, the church had to warn Catholics not to follow suit. Back then the transition from Latin to English wasn’t smooth sailing; also, English is not a dead language, and some meanings change through the years. One classic example is of the Biblical Chastisement of fire near the end times is being confused by another chastisement of fire from Our Lady of Good Success and as I understand everyone will suffer from it. The Church teaches that the Biblical chastisement is directed towards the enemies of the Church but the faithful will be protected. So how many chastisements of fire are we going to have before Christ comes back? My friend’s God is not ambiguous; confusion is a tool of Satan not of God, and the Church warns us not to be misled by PRIVATE REVELATIONS. Even if the apparition is approved by the Church, it does not mean the prophecies are approved. Our Lady of LaSalette is a good example. The second half of the LaSalette message had to do with the coming of the AntiChrist. This part was never approved by the Church. Also, they were pointing toward their time period; and,  lastly,  it was put on the index of forbidden writings by Pope Benedict XV. It is generally accepted that there will be a sign of a cross in the sky, to warn us when this chastisement is to come, but I’m not sure if everyone will see it.

My dear friends, Satan is a dirty ball player, he does not have to play by the rules. For instance, do you think Satan is afraid of the Rosary? not if you’re promoting the likes of the LaSalette AntiChrist message. Any time there is any revelation that goes against the Deposit of Faith it is on the side of the EVIL SPIRITS. It was the EVIL SPIRITS of the Vatican II Council that got us where we are today. HELLO. How come our Lady is not telling us THIS. The deposit of faith consists of these three things. The Magisterium, (Popes & Councils) the BIBLE and Tradition, this is what we ALL have to go by to be a Catholic. The Bible does cover the VATICAN II COUNCIL and many of the FATHERS STATE SO. When I started showing the fathers these facts, they were shocked or surprised. The CHURCH has always taught that there is no such thing as new Divine Revelation. However, we are NOT going to know the names of the AntiChrists, (yes plural,) or the false prophets until they come into the world, and you have to intentionally be blind not to recognize them by now. When I discovered, 55 years ago. that Jesus Christ will come back on Pentecost Sunday I couldn’t believe the flack I got. I thought to myself, 500 years ago they would have burnt me on a stake. It wasn’t until I explained everything in my booklet that I got people to reason. So, it was with Msgr Ruscitto, a close friend of Father Schell, who had the courage to indorse my booklet from the pulpit as did Father Perez and so on. Finally, I got Bishop Robert F. McKenna O. P. to give me a written Nihil Obstat; and in the past, many gave me verbal approval.

The mind of the Church on this is, “it does not matter when He comes back, only that you’re in a state of grace when he gets here.” I’ll drink to that, but NO ONE is going to stop me from preaching it either, because the Church and Bible teach what I preach.

What really matters as Catholics, is this division we have among us. Like our Lord said, over and over again, “a house divided cannot stand.”  Now I prove that these Vatican II popes are the AntiChrists of the Bible, and I would win my case easy in a court of law, but you can’t take Theology in a court of law, so you have to go to your POPE or BISHOP, and don’t think I didn’t, good luck with that. Thieves’ and Crooks don’t turn themselves in, unless they have NO choice. On the other hand, the Catholics who accept these popes as bad popes are not obeying him anyway as with the MASS, New Calendar and Bibles, so it’s silly to fight over these issues because there is no way they are going to be changed and most agree, if anything, it’s going to get worse. Also, one has to understand that as long as you have one Catholic Bishop in the world, the office of the Papacy still exists.

My friends, the signs and actions of the Second Coming of Christ are upon us, we must accept the fact that we are the remnant few, we are the elect, we are what stands between us and Satan’s victory, and, as I have pointed out over the last 60 years, that this Apocalyptic chaotic weather, diseases, and confusion are coming to their climax. God demands that we work together in reaching out to the WHOLE WORLD, (not just Catholics) and expose these truths to as many as we can for the short time we have left.

I leave you with, “He who is of God hears the words of God.” John 8:47

Grace be with you, through Mary our hope. In Christ, Joseph B, D. Sarceno

On the Great Chastisement 

The Catechism Explained  Spirago & Clark and Apoc.16: 8-9