In the name of Integrity, Charity and the Love of God

A friend of mine defined the definition of EGO. His definition was, “Edging God Out”. One has to understand that there was a lot of “bait and switch documents” at the Vatican II Council. (1) A lot of changes that were voted on and approved, were later changed in committee.  I witnessed this myself when a traveling priest told us from the pulpit, “that we were only going from the Latin to the English” with our new Missalettes. Later I realized that they were introducing the new English Bibles which makes Jesus just another Prophet so that we could now “get along with the other religions.” (666) really means without Jesus. It’s three sixes’ as in woe, woe, woe. (2)

One cannot rule out, no matter that those who were duped at the Council (including Archbishops Lefebvre and Thuc), the fact that those who were in charge were all highly educated religious people. My point here is that NO MATTER HOW HIGHLY EDUCATED YOU ARE this does not give you CREDIBILITY or GRACE to see the TRUTH.  Our religion teaches that, “the love of the truth has to be our first attribute” in order to gain the graces we need to be a good, knowledgeable and holy Catholic. For the last 60 years I have pointed out to the Traditionalists that the Council brought us into the “Great Apostasy” of the Bible. Many Catholics treat the Bible as unimportant in regard to our situation. (3) These subject materials are hardly discussed among Trads, even with some sede vacantists. The Great Apostasy, the Man of Sin, AntiChrists, False prophets, the whore of Babylon, the marks of the beast, the abomination of desolation, operation of error, the destruction of the Sacraments, the Church reduced to the minority, the devaluation of the Saints, many taken off the universal calendar and nowhere does one hear anything on the Second Coming of Christ. Without these doctrines the sede vacante position cannot be vindicated and with these facts the break in the line of popes is justified.

One more time, the writers on the Apocalypse vindicate these facts and even the Catholic Encyclopedia 1912, points out under AntiChrist “most likely be a false pope.” No matter that Joseph Saraceno points out where these false popes are in the Bible and the false prophets. ONLY Twenty-three mysteries of faith have been unlocked by these teachings by the doctor’s which helped me identify these TRUTHS.

The CHURCH is warning us friends, that SINS AGAINST THE HOLY GHOST CANNOT BE FORGIVEN. Many theologians try to get around this by saying, it’s not that they can’t be forgiven, it’s that these people are too proud to repent, DUH. Well, that goes for me as well if what I wrote here and have been preaching for the last 55 years is heretical, then I’m going straight to hell and can’t be forgiven.

The handwriting is on the wall, God warned the world for about 120 years before the flood. Mother nature is one major sign of the coming chastisement. Remember, the fire that comes down from heaven will be directed towards the enemies of the faith, but that won’t destroy the AntiChrist system! (4) That happens when Christ comes back on that last Pentecost Sunday. Again, we in the west will not get that last Pentecost Sunday. Stop trying to save the world! Help save souls with the short time that we have left.

Grace be with you, through Mary our hope.

In Christ, Joseph B. D. Saraceno

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(3)   The Bible is part of the Deposit of Faith

(4)    Spirago & Clark and Apoc.16: 8-9