Confirmations at O.L.H.C. was done by Bishop Tissier de Mallerals? France.

Right now, this is an independent Church and school being serviced by sspx priests. I got lucky during the potluck to talk to the Bishop as he was casually walking around. I sent him my materials years ago and introduce myself as the one who is preaching the Lord’s return. At his age, looks close to 90, was confused somewhat but after I gave him my “Great Apostasy & Christ’s Return” card, he smiled after looking at it. The Prior Father Burfitt is not in this picture as he was on his way over when I took the picture. Then after Father began having his picture taken by the individual family’s we meet as he was walking by and I greeted him by saying, good show Father as I extended my hand, he said, ” don’t know whether to shake your hand or curtsy and I said a shake is fine, laughing all the way.Another victory for St. Michael the Archangel I said to myself. In Christ, Joseph.