Francis orders to surrender the Chinese underground church to the communist dragon

“…it is known that controlling the ordinations has always been a demand from the Chinese government “, says the bishop of Hong Kong, his eminence Joseph Zen.” recently, the holy father talked about this very cautiously and reassured us. But in November there was news that two legitimate bishops were asked to give rise to two illegitimate bishops, one of whom is excommunicated. This concerns us, it would be a tragic thing for the church in China. For many years it was said that you should resist, be faithful, now ask to surrender! So, what for? One surrenders without obtaining anything, because this chinese government feels strong, scary, has economic means; it seems a surrender of the weak with the strong… but the reality is that we in the church have a lot of strength, is a force Spiritual.

This is really hard to understand. We can’t understand what they want to grant, the government wants to control everything! And we deliver everything! And this is incomprehensible. If the Vatican orders surrender, some, after years of struggle and deprivation, will accept; surrender is easy. But there will be those who will continue to oppose and say that the church has always told him that an independent church is objectively schismatic. The Popes avoid the word “Schism” for mercy. How can anyone say that it is progress to force everyone into this church? Amazing, just amazing.” source: Infocatólica.