The Mass is more than a “Sacrifice.”

Catholic’s can get memorized into an addiction like the rest of the religious world. A good example is how the protestants use the Bible as the ONLY word of God and of course we know that the Church is and always speaks in the place of God. We also forget that it’s all three persons of the Trinity not just JESUS that the Church speaks for. Another example is how were all sinners, but this term is a generic term as the the true definition of a sinner is someone who does evil with the intent to do evil, UN-repetitive. These are those who go to the eternal fire.

In the case of our Mass, you know as well as I do that 90% of the time, whenever the Mass is brought up in a sermon at Church, the sacrifice is always the key issue. This is understandable especially since the new church has started emphasizing the last supper since the off set of the Vatican II Council. I forgot to mention in my last article on why Jesus had to die as well, because by his sacrifice he eliminated the bloody sacrifices and the Mass took it’s place. As in the prophecy of Mal: 1:11

What motivated me to write this article was that I happened to come across a pictured account of the sequences of the Mass that must have been printed somewhere in the Forty’s. Unfortunately, of my three brothers, I was the worst Catholic and the only one who didn’t get to learn and serve the Mass. Seeing, now these illustrated pictures awoke me to the real meaning of what was transpiring up at the altar. From the beginning, with Jesus (priest) entering Gethsemani, then to sequence number seven, where the priest lifting up the host, signifying Jesus being lifted up on his cross to the last three of, Jesus is buried, the Resurrection, the blessing of the Holy Ghost (Pentecost Sunday illustrated) in the last picture, followed by the creed, posted in writing. Twelve sequences in all.

I decided to take these 12 sequences and down size the to fit on a single standard 81/2 by 11 piece of paper and started showing them to the Fathers.. Much to my surprise the Fathers loved it and wanted copy’s for their students. I had to inform them, however that I substituted the last gospel for my explanation of why the Mass supported my findings that the Lord will come back on Pentecost Sunday. (Middle East time, Saturday in the west.) But that it’s an easy thing for them to put the creed back on the last sequence if they so desire.

I have these pictures which I hope to attache to this article. If I should fail you can find them on my web site under, “Current” or “Books and Traditional Sources.”

Grace be with you, in Christ, Joseph