A Brief Account Leading up to my Two Visions and my Background

With me you might say it started the day May 13. Seems Our Lady had her finger on me.

Not to make a long story longer. After I got out of the Army, 1957, my folks had moved to L. A. So I went to L. A. to start my life again.

One day a Bible salesman came to the house and sold me a Papal edition Bible. At the time I was a party guy but thought that everyone should own a good Bible. Unfortunately in casually looking it over, the old and the new I felt it was contradictory.

I was working for a aircraft component company but when the Russians launched, there was a lay off. Since I had worked for bakery’s before I went back to them for work, but had to give up my Sundays. Some time later I had a boyhood friend visit with his girl friend who later became his wife.

He had graduated from Boston U and majored in political science and was now attending Cal Berkeley, majoring in political philosophy. He was on the way to Mexico and stopped by, so we partied and before he left he asked me about God. I told him that I had found the Bible too contradictory to be God related. After he left ,I found my life going down hill somewhat. I wonder how he could afford, as a student, to travel to Mexico? Sometime later I got some literature from him from Berkeley inviting me to a fair play for Cuba committee meeting, from this and other things I figured my friend had turned into a socialist.

Later I started having some tragic things happen which was starting to make me take a second look at God and His Bible. I got married and my daughter Rose was born on the 22 of Nov. Now, when I was in the Army and being from Massachusetts, I was going around telling my drinking buddy’s that John Kennedy was going to become the first Catholic president. Now when Kennedy went to Texas, they gave him and his wife some red roses, he got killed on my daughters birthday. Later I found out that, Oswald (what was said about him)  wanted to join the fair play for Cuba committee and because they wouldn’t let him join, that’s one of the reasons he shot JFK, to make an impression. Any way I began to see God’s hand in this among other things. Remember the 60’s, it was hell, those ten years.

Anyway, forced to read the Bible again from cover to cover, (three years) then to test all I learned for a few more years. Then to master the Rosary, change professions to get back to church on Sunday’s and by then I had two kids. Then in Jan. 25 1968, (St.Paul’s day) we had a speaker from the Blue Army to speak at our church, (St. Joseph) on the Fatima message so I went.

By now I was already in the study of the book of the Apoc. and had made my banner to represent Apoc. 12, the Church going into the wilderness. I was not aware of what the V-2 council was planning at that time. So after the lecture (Francis Schuckardt) I was impressed so I went up to meet him and gave him my name and address and told him I might have something of interest for him.

Some months later I got a notice from him about a conference to be held in the Valley with a Father Brey so I signed up. This is when I found out about the V-2 council which in turn filled in the missing pieces of the Apoc. However Fr. Brey & Francis just couldn’t quite connect, but agreed this was ‘big time action’.

To get to the point, I wasn’t too sure which side was right, these guys against the Pope, etc.

One day, my wife and I were shopping at Farmer’s Market in Hollywood, when I came across a wind chimer. It had  about five little hearts cut out of the center ringing part. I decide to buy it.  So I jokingly said, now when God wants me, all He has to do is ring the bell.

Because my wife and I were both working, different hours, etc,  at the time, because of our financial problems, I decided to move into the den so we could both get our rest and I could study better and stay up later.

I’m leaving a lot out, but, one Sunday night (12-7-69) I started to lie down to go to sleep and the wind chimer rang! It was just outside my window, and it scared me because it played a ‘tune’ and my heart began to race a little, but I didn’t move. Then it rang again, same song, heart started beating faster, still I wouldn’t move, so it rang again, this time my heart was really racing and I sat up on my bed and looked at the window where the wind chimer was. Then the window, etc. completely disappeared and I was looking up at the sky. As I was looking, a light started coming down from what seemed about 50 miles up but it didn’t take long to get down to where I was at, but as it got closer it started to take the form of a gown.  As soon as I said, to myself, ‘gown’, the window reappeared but now the gown was behind the curtain and window. The bottom of the window was about even with my chin and the window itself was open at the bottom about two or three inches. So now a slow breeze started to come through the bottom. (Like someone was blowing the air) which caused the bottom of the curtain to rise upward and in turn I corresponded with it to look back at the bottom of the gown.

As I was looking there appeared on the left of the gown as one draws in pure gold a basic straight outline of a crown. As soon as I mentally said, “crown” my eye went to the right side of the gown and thereon the drawing began of a bird. As soon as I said “bird”. The gown left and went straight back up. All over… so now what?

You know back in those days it was easy to get drugged because that stuff was all over the place. Like guys would bring marijuana Browne’s to work, etc, etc, etc. The next day being Monday and a work day I had to go to work and prepare for Mass later that afternoon. Immaculate Conception day. The only thing I was worried about was being drugged and since I had no effects of it and my mind was clear, I functioned at work very well and reminded my self that it was St. Ambrose day and we had a salesperson there by the name of Ambrose, so I’m not going to forget that day.

Anyway after work I went to Mass and as yet, because of Cardinal McIntyre, etc. St. Joseph’s hadn’t made the changes yet. However at this time I had no idea what I saw and what it meant and Christmas was coming. However after Christmas I was getting a little frustrated, back to work and on the 29th I had a rough time on the job, lots of tension, When I got home I slammed the door of my room,  and said some prayers, then went about my household chores etc…then about 10 pm I started to close the living room curtains and as I did I noticed a 3/4 moon coming up, the whole side of this wall of the house faced the east.
I started to get ready for, prayer, as I had a little shrine to our lady of Fatima in the living room, her statue is about 4 feet tall. Then went in my room and began to go to bed. No sooner did I just lay down on my side with my back to the window, the wind chimer rang again with the same song, you got that right, up went the heart beat (There is a reason for the fast heart beat, later on that) and it rings again same song, faster heart beat, but I didn’t move hoping it would go away, but it rang again, (Three times as before) faster heart beat, so I got up looked at the window and said “what do you want? Leave me alone”, “ha.” To myself of course, then the window disappeared again the there was the sky again only it had the 3/4 moon there, so as soon as Looked at the moon it changed and went into a FULL MOON then it started spinning down towards my window but since it wasn’t changing it’s size I new that this was just a vision. So it stopped about five feet from my face.  And as soon as I said “full moon” it spins right back up to where it started and changes back to the 3/4 moon and bingo the window reappears and we’re back to normal, but this time I got up and went to my desk and looked at the calendar for the date 7-29-69.  Besides St. T. Becket it said octave of Christmas and for the love of me, my mind would not register what an octave was so I had to look it up.
Then I remembered that there was an octave in the Apoc. No matter, I felt confident I had all the pieces to the puzzle. The curtain in my room was a red orange type color. I didn’t tell anyone about my visions at that time.

Came Jan. 1970, I signed up again for adult Catechism classes, as I was testing the Fathers with what God had taught me, then in Feb. at one of the classes a lady student asked why Easter falls on different Sunday’s and when the Father said because of the full Moon, bingo I had what I needed. The curtain was God’s Chasuble and the true Mass, the wind chimer, three and three was the Sanctus the Gown the Trinity,  the color, Pentecost the octave Pentecost the Apoc. 17:11 Octave 7th and 8th, …Pentecost and Trinity Sunday the two sundays are the same God and are the 7th and 8th Sunday of the Octave, “and goeth into destruction.” Bingo end of the world week, as I explain in my lecture.

Finally I gave a written account to my teaching priest to give to the Pastor  but when I went to follow up I found out they transferred him and in asking about my letter he got a little testy, so I began to realize that it was every man for themselves now. I also sent a copy to Cardinal Manning and pope Paul VI, certified mail but got no response, accept Thank you from Cardinal Manning.

So on March 1970 I announced the Second Coming of Christ which got printed in a Catholic paper called Veritas in 1973. The beginning of the end. It wasn’t until five years later that I realized that the song on the wind chimer was, Christ the King in antiphonal, that they sing on PalmSunday,   I recognized it on a palm Sunday when some nuns and brothers were singing it together that day.
I left many tragic punishing events that God imposed upon me that are personal and are not needed for you to know. But I will say that I would never in my life every wish these punishments on to my worst enemy.

The rest is history, as I explain in  my booklets writings and lecture, without all of  the account of my visions.

In Christ, Joseph B. D. Saraceno

Dec. 7, 2007