A little history lesson on Mr. Joseph B.D. Saraceno.

A reply to a friend who told me that a lot of his friends think I’m a Kook.
Here are a list of Catholic newspapers which have run my ad, “Christ’s Return & the Beast of the Apocalypse.” in the past.
Veritas  1973…This one printed my article, “The Great Chastisement & Second Coming of Christ on Pentecost Sunday.
Spotlight around 1975,
The Maryfaithful  1984
The Remnant    1984
The National Educator 1989
The Wanderer   1993
Catholic news out of Australia      Printed my Article “Sede Vacante–a Title or a Definition”  2000
The Four Marks, which I helped get started   2005
The Catholic Family News would not because I clashed with John Vennari. RIP

Here are the Bishops who have given me an approval on My “The Day of the
Lord & the Signs of His Coming. Findings & Booklet.
Bishop Musey. Bishop Oravec, Bishop McKenna, Bishop Elmer, Bishop Gaston, Bishop Schuckardt  CMRI, Bishop Pohl OFM of Germany, to name a few.
Here are two priests who endorsed my booklet from the pulpit.  Father Patrick Perez  and Msgr Raymond Ruscitto.
Here are Priests who have put my booklet out in their Churches or endorsed it..
Besides the two I just mentioned.Father Dolan, now Bishop Dolan. Father Malito, Father Krier, Father Trinchard, Bishop Macek, Father Adan Rodriguez, Father Vaillancourt. Father Denis Chicoine, CMRI, and these are the ones I can recollect.
I also gave a public lecture on “The Day of the Lord & The Great
Apostasy,” where one of the principle speakers was the Rev. Dr.
Gregorius Hess STD, JCD, from Austria, RIP on November 6, 1999 in
Burbank, CA.
In my writings which I make public to Catholics where I expose 17 mystery’s of
the faith never reveled before in the History of the Church.
Not to mention that I am one of the co-founding Fathers of the Congregation Mary Regina Immaculate religious Institution.
So my friend would you be so kind as to print this out and give a copy to all your friends who think I’m a Kook or others who might be interested.

In Christ, Joseph B.D. Saraceno