“New Mess” Will Not Include an Offertory or Canon in Any Form

OffertoryBasketsSacredHeartCamdenDear TRADITIO Fathers:

The Devil is always more ambitious and clever than we can imagine. One way in which Francis-Bergoglio will decimate Newchurch is by destroying the concept of the Mass as the center of prayer. I do not refer here to the status of the “New Mass” as being an invalid Non-Mass. Newchurchers at least falsely believe it to be a valid Mass — if they think about it at all. That false belief does keep some older Newchurchers and Neocons attached to what they fancy to be the Catholic Faith.

The way to smash this fancy of pseudo-Catholicism is to introduce a Protestant “communion service,” which Newchurch will declare fulfils the “Mass obligation.” This “service” will not include an Offertory or Canon in any form, valid or otherwise. It will perhaps increase the number of lections and include a preparation for “spiritual communion.” There would, of course, be distribution of the cookie and Kool-Aid near the end from hosts pre-“consecrated” offsite, who knows where?

Some of the old forms will be maintained to dupe the clueless Newchurchers, probably in a corrupted form, such as the Kyrie, Gloria, Sanctus, Credo, Agnus Dei, some of which the Protestant heretics retain as well. Naturally, a Newchurch ministress will be available to “preside” over this heathen sing-along. This will be the next revolution in the Novus Disordo Mess.

Newchurch will make it possible in its “canon law” to fulfil the “obligation” by attending a communion service in lieu of a Mess, including any “oecumenical communion service” with Protestants. Francis-Bergoglio’s admitted mentor, the Arch-heretic Luther knew it best: Tolle Missam, Tolle Ecclesiam: Smash the Mass, and you smash the Church. In this case, the Mass is already smashed, but the concept of the Mass lingers on among the clueless Neocons and pseudo-traditionalists. That concept can now be altogether ended. Francis-Bergoglio’s purpose here is to deracinate Christian culture altogether.

The Neo-SSPX’s Superior-Dictator Bernie Fellay will soon join this false sect of pagans. The precedent of Newchurch taking over other pseudo-traditionalist organizations shows that it will tolerate Bernie for a while in order to secure control of all the property acquired over the decades by the followers of the good Archbishop Lefebvre. Once the spider brings the Bernie fly into his parlor and once Bernie’s little Neo-SSPX flies become comfortable there, anaesthetised by the spider’s venom, Bernie will be replaced in heartbeat by a Bergoglian Newprelate.

Just as the Modernist poison was injected after the Vatican II Anti-council, these changes will come in stages, and doctrinal rulings from Newvatican will bind the Fellayites. Then the Bergoglian Newprelate will conduct a Franciscans-of-the-Immaculate-style purge. All those lovely SSPX chapels and priories and schools and churches and oratories and retreat houses will then become the property of Newchurch directly. If Newchurch’s past is prelude, most Neo-SSPX properties will be sold off to make way for urban parking lots. Others will be transformed into oecumentical worship centers. Some will have homoerotic murals on their walls, like the cathedral of Italian Newarchbishop Paglia. Anything is appropriate — except for fully-traditional Catholicism.

Fellay’s sellout to the New Order is almost in the bag now. Francis-Bergoglio has already replaced one-quarter of all the Newbishops in only three short years (not counting the Modernist-Leftist bishops who were already put in place by his Newpope predecessors to “keep the peace”), and he is about to stack the decks in the College of Newcardinals. Well before 2025, pink-felt banners with crooked lettering on them will adorn Fellay’s chapels. Altar rails will disappear, and Protestant-style dinner tables will replace baroque altars. In a twist of fate, Fellay’s followers will become what they supposedly hate: heretics.


“New Mess” Will Not Include an Offertory or Canon in Any Form

Even the Concept of the Mass Will Be Deracinated
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From: Peter, The TRADITIO Network’s Canadian Correspondent
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