The Day of the Lord and the Signs of His Coming

Why is it taught by Christians? “No one knows when the end will come.” The end in this case being the beginning of our lives with Christ after the general judgment for those who go to Heaven with Him.

First we have those who quote Jesus out of context. “But the day and the hour no one knows….but the Father only.”

Hello! But Jesus never said that the Father would never reveal this truth. In fact all three persons of the Trinity do reveal it as Sunday by exposing this truth to St. John in the book of the Apocalypse 1:10. (1)The Lord’s day here is Sunday. Also it makes sense since the Lord expects us to come to him on Sunday, why wouldn’t He come to us on Sunday? The Our Father states, “Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.” So the will has to be the same.

Another problem we have is where will He first appear. Most believe Jerusalem. So if He decides to come back there at 9:00 A. M. what time will it be in California? Around 7.00 P. M. Saturday night.

Another paradox develops because of the different time zones, however once Christ appears the whole world will turn into 9.00 A.M. Sunday. No contradiction here.

The Catholic Church put a ban on date setting Christ’s return in 1517, unless it was approved by Rome or the local Ordinary. But we are not date setting, only day setting. Hello!

So know ask yourself which Sunday? A little more difficult to explain in a short letter, but it would have to be in Spring time, Pasch time or the Easter season. Why? because the birthday of the Christian Church and the birth of the Ten Commandments are both celebrated in the same week at the close of PENTECOST. So if the Father and the Holy Ghost comes to us in the close of Pentecost then the Son would have to do like wise because the will has to be the same.

The Holy Ghost is that divine bond which unite the Father with the Son.

So when someone says , “no one knows when the end will come.” just say, it depends on where you’re at in the world.

Pope St. Gregory I, The Great 600 “Sicut aqua frigida” Denz. pg.97. Says you can not say Jesus did not know when he was coming back. Look it up.

For more on this, send for my booklet on the “Day of The Lord and the Signs of His Coming”

Are we approaching the final countdown for the return of Our Lord? And why are Christians confused over the revelation of the Day of the Lord?

Joseph Saraceno clarifies for us through the Scriptures, Tradition, and Church teaching what has been one of the most confusing subjects of the Christian faith.

In giving us the Day of the Coming of the Lord (Pentecost Sunday), he also gives us an approximate arrival time which, according to the current trend of events, is pointing somewhere after 2013.

Hopefully after reading this booklet the confusion will come to an end. You will rejoice in the good news of the Coming of the Lord and focus your attention on getting prepared for His coming.

Nihil Obstat +Oliver Oravec, Epis. 10 March 1992

This thesis was first introduced by Mr Saraceno in March, 1970, in his writings “Christ’s Return and The Beast of the Apocalypse“.

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