Uninterpreted Truth Is as Useless as Buried Gold

Buried-TreasureI read this statement in my local newspaper which was made by Lytton Strachey, an English Biographer (1880-1932).

It is one of those statements you would expect from some pope or from Christ Himself. Our Lord did teach “seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you.” On the other hand the church also teaches that there isn’t any new Divine Revelation and that the deposit of faith is contained in the Scriptures and oral tradition as defined by the Councils and the Popes when speaking ex cathedra. Continue reading

Bishop McKenna “Bishops Declaration,” on the Council & AntiChrist 1989

bishop McKennaCatholics Forever “Bishops Declaration”

In Bishop Mckenna’s newsletter, “Catholics Forever,” issue 79 July 1989 was entitled, “Bishops’ Declaration.” where on page 2 declaration number # 8 of 15 is stated, “It is incumbent on us as Catholic Bishops to defend and maintain the infallible and unchanged Magisterium of the Church. In view of what we have here stated, the duty of Catholics is clear. They must altogether repudiate the Second Vatican Council and it’s false Popes, together with the Bishops and priests subject to them. Continue reading

The Nativity Star

nativity star2Seems every year the Astronomers try to give us some kind of physical evidence for what they conceive as some type of unusual alignment of planets or stars, and in someways they do this with the creation. Not that they shouldn’t, but with the Christmas event, I never hear the possibility that perhaps it might be more reasonable that the appearance of the star was just that, an appearance. Continue reading

Japanese Catholics Went 200 Years Without a Priest †

japaneseJapanese Catholics went 200 years without a priest. Today’s Traditional Catholics could learn a lesson here, no?
In Christ, Joseph

Martyrs of Japan – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Church remained without clergy and theological teaching disintegrated … Drawn from the oral histories of Japanese Catholic communities, Shusaku … Within a year, however, he reneged on this promise and made it illegal for people to convert. … Diaz Hirayama, Lucia de Freitas, and 200 Companion Martyrs of Japan.

One who Returns Evil for Evil, has Become an Evildoer

8th commandmentIt’s unfortunate that I have to write this. Why? Because the Fathers allow this attitude of, “freedom of expression or opinion,” which our liberal, secular society encourages. That is unless it’s directed at the Fathers.

Lets start with the, Eighth Commandment of God. Lying, slander, rash judgment, calumny, slander, envy, hatred, and vengeance just to name a few. Continue reading

Biblical Origin of the Devil Symbol & Picture

red devilScapegoat a reflection of Devil Symbol

I heard someone on the radio who said that the picture symbol of the Devil, the red colored, two horned with the goatee and tail, wasn’t in the Bible. But it sure is. It is a reflection of the Jews who rejected Christ. Red is the color of the Church. (Both Hebrew & Catholic) These colors are found in the Ephod for the Breast plate worn by the High Priest and in one of the Scarlet Veil’s in the Holy of Holies. Continue reading


creation1by Joseph Saraceno

We know God created us. The Church tells us that He wants us to know Him to love Him and to serve Him in this world and in the next. Could it also have been that without a creation, there would be no one to know of the existence of God? Not that God needs to have anyone to know He exists, but that we creatures might be able to share His love and goodness. This could give a probable cause for creation. Continue reading

“Have Pity on Me, O Lord” † David’s Psalm 30 † The Fall Then the Cure

davidHave pity on me, O Lord, for I am in distress, with sorrow my eye is consumed, my Soul also, and my body. For my life is spent with grief, and my tears with sighing, my strength has failed through affliction, and my bones are consumed; For all my foes I am an object of reproach, and a dread to my friends, they who see me abroad flee from me, I am forgotten like the unremembered dead, I am like like a dish that is broken. I hear the whispers of the crowd, that frighten me from every side, as they consult together against me, plotting to take my life, but my trust is in you O Lord, I say, you are my God, in your hands is my destiny, Continue reading

Man’s Obsession with Eliminating Original Sin

original sinThe world since time immemorial has been motivated towards solving the world’s problems (not that we shouldn’t work to lessen the ills of society). But since time immemorial we continue to ignore God’s revelation that He did not create this world for it to be a paradise on the equal level as Heaven. Even though Adam and Eve were as perfectly happy as one can be in the imperfect state of the godly image, we see Adam as lonely, and Eve choosing the forbidden fruit, which resulted in Original SIN. After Original Sin, God promised a Redeemer who would once again open the gates of Paradise  Continue reading

Song “End of the World” Ended in 1969 When you Said Goodbye

st. josephs church las vegasI visit St. Joseph’s in Las Vegas three or four times a year which gives me an opportunity to visit with other (traditional) Catholics then after the morning Masses on Sunday I drive Father Krier down to Needles, Ca. for a 4 pm Mass there. Needles has a small group and the property where Father was having Mass was sold and they just about completed a new Chapel which I found impressive. Big enough for about sixty people. Continue reading