May 13th, Friday the 13th. Happy 86th Birthday Joseph!!!

Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit is there any Difference?
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Joseph’s 86 years young birthday on Friday May 13.  Month of the Blessed Mother. All I need now is a Full Moon.

The 60’s caused me to seek answers to “everything goes period of the times.” Since I worked on Sundays, bakery, as with Wonder Bread and Hostess, I started searching my beautiful Bible, Douay-Challoner for answers. I realized prayer was essential so I joined the Padre Pio Rosary group which met on first Saturdays, in the Mission downtown Los Angeles.

I had seven years in the Bakery Union and at 10 years I would have gotten a partial pension, but needed to get back to Sunday Mass. So, I quit and found work with weekends off.

I wasn’t back that long when I found out about the Vatican II Council and Immediately realized, this as being “The Great Apostasy,” spoken of by the Apostle Saint Paul. What’s funny is, the Secretary of the Blue Army who came to my Church,”St. Joseph’s,” to lecture about “Our Lady of Fatima” led me to the Traditionalists movement, he gave his talk on January 25, 1969.  St. Paul’s conversion day.

As a result of the Vatican II Council, I was able to unlock 22 mysteries of the book of the Apocalypse and other passages of the Bible that relate to our times.
To all my Traditional Catholic Friends of the last 53 years. Thanks for the memories.

Grace be with you, In Christ, Joseph B. D. Saraceno