Mel Gibson’s hypocrisy in playing Father Stu’s father in latest movie

Easter Tuesday. 2022
First of all, most of us traditionalist assumed that Mel’s Church, Holy Family were sede vacantists, but, like myself, it was only because his Dad, Hutton was one. Hutton and I clashed over the years, through the mail, on some theological issues and he even wrote about me in one of his books, but didn’t mention my name. However when we finally met, we became good friends because I gave him the biblical reason for being a sede vacantist. As far as I can remember, there never was any of the priests that served at their church who were sede vacantist. Also, the family did not recognize any of the religious groups who went independent of Rome, like SSPX, SSPV or CMRI. That’s why they kept using these elderly retired or independent traditional priests.

Why am I writing this? Well in this latest movie where Mel plays the Father of Father Stu, the smoke screen here is Father Stu is NO PRIEST, and Mel knows this. He was ordained in the new, false church, and of late, the priests who are serving him now are ANTI SEDE VACANTIST’S, and make it clear that they are. So, why is Mel doing this? I can only guess and the only answer I can come up with is his compromising with the new order Catholics  in order to get them involved in his next big attraction movie, “THE RESURRECTION,” remember when he came out with “The Passion of Christ,” he even got false pope John Paul II to comment on the movie at the time. So, there you have it my friends. These old truthful sayings never go away, “Hutton must be rolling in his grave,” money talks and the TRUTH WALKS,” and the best one is, “What goes around comes around.” Believe it or not, the last one comes from the Lord himself.  Matt: 26:52
May the Lord have mercy on us all.
In Christ, Joseph B.D. Saraceno