Pope Paul VI ~ Formal and Public Heretic

On November 19, 1969 The Owosso Argus-Press reported that Pope (Paul VI) defends new rites:

VATICAN CITY (AP) – Pope Paul VI defended controversial new rites for the Roman Catholic Mass today and said all Catholicsmust promptly adhere” to them. His words, at his regular general audience, met recent criticism by Antonio Cardinal Bacci and Alfredo Cardinal Ottaviani, two semiretired conservative members of the Roman Curia, who had suggested the new Mass was almost “heretical”

Recalling that the second Vatican Ecumenical Council had asked for the changes in the Mass, Pope Paul said that using the new rites was “an act of obedience, a fact of coherence with the Church itself, a step forward in its authentic tradition, a demonstration of fidelity and vitality to which all must promptly adhere.