Women Should Register for the Draft

Randy: I read your article in  Father Krier’s newsletter. There was a ruling on this some time ago but the legislators wouldn’t put it into law. So that’s why the Bill was written. Now, the point is since woman are in favor of equal rights then we need to get them to sign up for the draft. This way, maybe they’ll grow up and see the light. Also we have a voluntary military forces now so there is no need for a draft anyway.
Should Women have to register for the Draft             Sun, Feb 14, 2016

The issue here is not whether the draft will ever be instituted again or not. The issue here is we have given equal rights, for the most part, to everyone over 18 years of age. Of late women and the law have demanded equal pay for equal work and these rights have been extended all the way into every field including combat female solders.
So for women not to register for the draft would be and is discriminatory. All it would take is one male to file a law suit and take it all the way to the Supreme Court and the court would have no choice but to rule in favor of the man. Then all the good gals would have to sign up like the rest of us men and live happily ever-after.