TRADITIO La Salette, “Rome Will Lose the Faith And Become the Seat of the Anti-Christ?”

TRADITIO  & Father Morrison:  September 23, 2021 
First of all Father, one cannot predict future evils, the coming of the AntiChrist or the date of the coming of the Lord. 5th Lateran Council. Secondly, Pope Benedict 15th condemned that part of the La Salette’s message. Thirdly, it’s church teaching under Antichrist (1913 Catholic Encyclopedia) that he will most likely be a false pope. So it’s not Rome but the Holy See that becomes the Seat of AntiChrist and that seat could end up in Jerusalem before this is over.

Fourth of all, there is NOT one AntiChrist but a series of them. Jesus makes it clear, in the end times many false prophets and AntiChrists. Fifth, once these people appear, then you can point them out because they will be plotting the destruction of the Church. Sixth, these mentioned are in the Bible which is part of the deposit of faith. pope John 23 is the precursor of the AntiChrist in Apocalypse 9, the star that falls from Heaven and opens the gates of hell, (1) which leads to the (Man of Sin) Paul VI who signed the heretical decrees into law. Seventh, if you now claim that pope Francis is the AntiChrist then how can you deny the sede vacante’s position, as you have all these years. You can’t be an AntiChrist and a Pope at the same time, even though he MAY still be a Bishop or at least a priest. In order to be an AntiChrist you have to be a Christ because it means a God against God. So in order to be an Anti-Christ you have to at least be an heretical Priest or Bishop, a God Head.

The Beast of the Apocalypse
The Churches coming together as equals is the spiritual part of the Beast of the Apocalypse and the physical part of the Beast is the United States, the European Union and the I.M.F. Bank. The Rev. Billy Graham was the Main False prophet of the Bible and President Biden seems to have taken his of the present time.
Let in wisdom before you let it out.
In Christ, Joseph B. D. Saraceno
(1) “The Apocalypse of St. John,” by Father E. S. Berry 1921

Are Francis-Bergoglio and Benedict-Ratzinger
The Two “Worm-ridden, Servile, Doubtful Popes”
Referred to in the Message of the Putative Apparition
At La Salette, France, in 1846
Which Observes Its 175th Anniversary in 2021
The Message Also Predicted:
“Rome Will Lose the Faith
And Become the Seat of the Anti-Christ”?