The Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary – September 8

One of the brightest days in the history of the world is the birthday of her who was to change the face of the earth, and bring blessings to it instead of the curse under which it lay. She it was who was promised to our first parents when they repented of their sin, as the only hope of salvation for themselves and their posterity: she it was who was to bring into the world the Saviour so long desired. This great, this glorious day we now commemorate: today we celebrate the birth of the Virgin Mother Mary.

The subjects of a good queen always celebrate with joy the anniversary of her birth. They expect to see this day marked by some special favors, by some unusual bounty; and they are rarely disappointed. But the resources of earthly potentates are limited; so too must be their gifts and favors; they can not satisfy every one. Not so with Mary. Jesus has appointed her to be the dispenser of the infinite merits of His death and passion. Mary can draw upon this treasure without fear of exhausting it; she can give, then, without stint if she please; and we know that she does so please, for she is our most tender, loving Mother. What may we not hope from today?

Go to her today with entire confidence. Ask for much – much for yourself, much for others, for your friends, for the order or congregation to which you belong, for all entrusted to your care, for the whole Church, for the billions of inhabitants of the world – that all may be united to the same faith, may become one family, one Church – that there maybe in reality but one fold and one shepherd. Why do the feasts of our dearest Mother so often pass unmarked by any signal favor? Because we ask for so little, because we pray with so little heart. Let it not be so with you today. 

Recite the “Salve Regina,” “Hail Hail, O Queen, Mother of Mercy!” etc.

Taken from The New Practical Meditations for Everyday of the Year, on the Life of Our Lord Jesus Christ (Volume II) by the Rev. Father Bruno Vercruysse, S.J.