Michael Peruzzi, Rest in Peace

A proud Traditional Catholic who belonged to Maria Stella Maris Mission independent Catholic Church under the famous Msgr. Donahue and then later taken over by  SSPX society. Michael led the Rosary every Sunday and taught Catechism when needed. While working for Getty Oil as a corporate Tax Lawyer, two of his co-workers were supposed to go to Saudi Arabia but because they were Jews and not allowed in Saudi Arabia at the time, they chose Michael and another guy, so it turned out nice for Michael.

When Michael told me about  the family’s Banking business in Florence and that the Bank made large loans to Edward III of England who defaulted on these Loans, I suggested that he could sue England in today’s World Court, but Michael didn’t want to. What’s Ironic is this was during the Great Reign of the Medic family who ruled Florence for 300 years. The family had two Popes one of them was Leo X who caused Martin Luther to rebel against Rome.

Michael and I had breakfast on the 21st of July and was fine. He died just over a month later on one of the two feast days of  my favorite Saint John the Baptist. God bless Michael Peruzzi. MORE