Hospitals KILLING The Unvaccinated?

I would suggest, which saved my husband’s life, is to get an oximeter finger with pulse. The cheapest is

The top number is pulse.  The lower number is oxygen intake. Once it gets down to 88, rush your loved one to the ER. That means not enough oxygen’s going to the brain or vital organs. Most people don’t know about this simple device and wait days. By that time, they need incubation which is severe. That’s when people die. Why these people don’t give oximeters out free, instead of masks, is beyond me. 

I’ve heard about this from my niece in Colorado. She overheard some of the nurses say, “We’re killing our patients,” meaning they’re letting the unvaccinated die. Being the head nurse of covid, my niece scolded them, saying “There will be lawsuits coming. I hope what you say doesn’t come back to bite you, there will be indictments!” The nurses grew quiet after that.

The vaccine has become their almighty religion and anyone who isn’t vaccinated, ‘serves them right that they should die!’
As soon as you’ve done enough research about the care of your loved one, and physically you’re able to, GET YOUR LOVED ONE OUT OF THE HOSPITAL!  STORY