Understanding the division among the Traditional Fathers

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In the beginning, CMRI did not have the talent or facilities that SSPX had in the training of the Priests and as I recall Bishop Francis Schuckardt would censor the seminaries learning abilities. Like he kept them from studying the Canon’s of the Church.

So it wasn’t until Pope Francis Schuckardt was gotten out of the way did we start to become fully trained and matured as a religious. Because of this and even though Bishop Dolan was consecrated by Bishop Pivarunas they looked upon CMRI as being inferior and immature. This is why Fr. Sanborn went to Bishop McKenna to get consecrated instead of Bishop Pivarunas or Dolan.

Then you add the sede vacante position, without the REAL reason (of AntiChrist) comes division. What CMRI does not tell you is you can’t be sede vacante without the AntiChrist sitting on the holy see’s chair. On the flip side, none of the other Fathers wanted to admit to these V-2 popes as being the AntiChrists of the Scriptures.
Father and Bishop Sanborn, on the other hand, was one who changed his position three or four times, then settled on the sedeprivationists position, which means we have an obstacle in the way of electing another pope. Ha. I’ll say. The AntiChrist is in the way.

Friends, there’s no way you can bring the different Religious groups together any more than you can get them to agree on the same calendar. The 43 the 53 and the 62. But I offer a solution to the LAITY for unity and that is stay in your groups unless you want to change, but adopt my “Fidelity Among Traditionalists” solution, as you can see as my head subject on my web site, which I just recently sent out to everybody.

Even the “Book of Destiny,” agrees that in the end times the laity will do most of the evangelizing for the Church. Page 353.” ..the people who compose the Crystal Sea.”
May God bring together people who Love and defend the truth and preach the facts that go along with it. Amen
Grace be with you, in Christ, Joseph