Francis-Bergoglio Again Slanders Traditional Catholics They Are “Mentally Deranged


Apostasy and the Beast

The deposit of faith is made up of,  “The Hierarchy, the Bible and Tradition,” so when Francis attacks Traditionalists, he’s attacking the Deposit of Faith.

December 29, 2019 – Sunday within the Octave of Christmas
Fifth Day of Christmas
Semidouble Sunday

Francis-Bergoglio Again Reveals Himself as out to Destroy the Catholic Church
He Therefore Calls True (Traditional) Catholics “Mentally Deranged”

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

Francis-Bergoglio Again Slanders Traditional Catholics
They Are “Mentally Deranged,” He Says
Because They Don’t Capitulate
To His Marxist/Modernist Programme
To Destroy the Catholic Church in a “Change of Epoch”
He Is Moving toward His Anti-Catholic Goal Ever Faster
As He Foresees the End of His Newpontificate
By Death, Abdication
Or Condemnation by Even More Newcardinals

It seems that the Marxist/Modernist Newpope is becoming more paranoid in his obsession to destroy the Catholic Faith. He has openly revealed that he intends to impose upon the Newchurch of the New Order “not simply an epoch of change, but a change of epoch.” He is moving toward this anti-Catholic goal ever faster as he foresees the end of his Newpontificate by death, abdication, or condemnation even more Newcardinals.

Anyone who stands against Bergoglio’s plans to turn Newchurch into an anti-Catholic secular institution directed toward the goals of Marxism and even Communism, he told the Newroman Curial officials on December 21, 2019, is “mentally deranged.” He capped his statements with outright heresy: “Tradition is not static, it is dynamic.” This is a classic expression of the Modernist heresy, which was condemned outright by Pope Pius IX, Pope Leo XIII, and especially Pope St. Pius X, who denounced it as “summa omnium heresum,” the synthesis of all heresies and excommunicated from the Catholic Church those clergy who taught such heresy.

It is clear that Bergoglio is an anti-Catholic Marxist/Modernist heretic by the way he slanders true Catholics. He keeps expanding his repertoire of hateful and foul-mouthed adjectives, which by our count has reached 42:

  1. arrogant
  2. atheists
  3. clerical
  4. closed in the past
  5. defensive
  6. doctrinaire
  7. disruptive elements
  8. Donatist (adhering strictly to Catholic morality)
  9. fomenters of coprophagia (eating dung)
  10. fundamentalist
  11. hypocritical
  12. ideologue
  13. Judases
  14. legalistic
  15. liquid
  16. little monsters
  17. museum mummies
  18. nasty
  19. Nazis (11/15/19)
  20. neurotic
  21. obsessed
  22. obstinate
  23. old maids
  24. pagans
  25. Pelagian (rejecting the need for God’s grace)*
  26. pepper-faced
  27. pernicious
  28. pietistic
  29. plague (11/18/19)
  30. presumptuous
  31. rebellious
  32. restorationist
  33. rigid
  34. rigorous
  35. ritualistic
  36. scary
  37. self-absorbed
  38. smarmy idolaters
  39. vain
  40. weak-hoped
  41. wheeler-dealers
  42. mentally deranged (12/21/19)

[Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Breitbart News.]

True Catholics, Newchurchers from Newcardinals on down are finally standing up against this heretic Newpope, but it is too little, too late. While they try to find the courage to return to the Catholic Faith, Francis-Bergoglio will have destroyed their Newchurch of the New Order, which is lost anyway, as it is most certainly not the Catholic Church.