The Chances of a future TRUE Pope

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First written in March 3, 2009 at 9:03 PM

The object of this article is to show the futile policy of some of the Fathers in predicting a future True Pope.

No matter that even as sede vacantists we do not even recognize the Vatican II hierarchy, and with no hierarchy we have lost formal jurisdiction and the normal means to ELECT a pope. We also adhere to the fact that when Paul VI went against the Ottaviani intervention in September 1969, as he became a public formal heretic and since the concerned Cardinals didn’t condemn him and/or the Vatican II Council, and by not electing a true pope, these resulting actions caused a break in the papal line of successors.

The break in the line of successors and Papal Infallibility are the two major problems that have divided unity of the traditionalist movement for the last 40 years,(50 now) and if anything has gotten worse now that one of the biggest groups, SSPX seems to be reuniting with Apostate Rome. Not to mention the anarchy among the ranks as those 15 CMRI nuns, looking for this true pope, chose to pick AntiChrist # 4 Benedict XXVI for the real deal and flew the coupe for the N/O church.

Once again, the facts are the only time we can have a break in the line of Popes is upon the death or resignation of one. There is only one other exception to this rule, and that would be during the Great Apostasy and the AntiChrist era which proceeds the Second Coming of Christ. This is given to us by mainly St. Paul and St. John. St Paul in using the word Apostasy is using it in relation to a schism in the Church in which both these Apostles make it clear that these AntiChrists take over St. Peters chair and possess it until Christ comes back; with the Church going into the wilderness, in Apocalypse 12 as we continue to fight the battle until the Testimonial, Judgment day.

Need I remind you that the Church also teaches that when the chair is vacant, the Church is obligated to fill it? Which is the main reason why we have all of these other traditional popes in the world today. Most have died by now and didn’t solve our problem.

To get back to CMRI’s position on this matter, it’s been open to opinion but open opinion’s on such a critical subject leads to anarchy, despair, and confusion which leads us down the road to nowhere.
Our Lord made it very clear, “A HOUSE DIVIDED CANNOT STAND.”

In meeting with Bishop Pivarunas on January 13, 2008, I brought up this problem with him and he himself wasn’t sure of a future true pope. So I asked him, if you were asked to become a candidate for the Papacy would you accept it? His reply, “NO WAY.”

There you have it my friends, at least for CMRI because I don’t think CMRI would accept any other groups papal election nor get involved in one themselves, not to mention that when Bishop McKenna intervened for CMRI he made them promise that they would not get involved in a (unofficial) papal election, at least without his permission. However, St. John states that we will have a Bishop who will lead the faithful during these times; “who say they are Apostles and are not. (Apoc. 2:2) and I will give him a white pebble, (2.17)”. In this case, St. John is addressing the Bishops, and in the future is Bishop Pivarunas. Remember when I wrote that the Church in these times flees to the United States? ( Apoc.12.14) Two wings of the great Eagle. the U.S. symbol is an Eagle. Don’t forget one of the main false prophets is an American as well. Rev. Billy Graham. One other is an American as well, but in his case he’s not aware of it, as was Billy Graham. You should be able to figure out who he is.

Not to be a bubble buster, but all of the doctors of the Church put the length of the Great Apostasy and Parousia fulfillment to be about 40 to 50 years. Obviously the current situation in the world today is exceptionally bad. Not even a true Pope could change this liberal establishment, especially with the short time allotted, he would have left (2009). Neither can he or nor will he be able to reverse the Vatican II Council.

And please don’t count on the Great Chastisement of turning this around, since it comes only for our protection as a result of worsening conditions in the world. I might add that more confusing changes are on the way from Rome, including the Easter calendar and the possible move of the Papacy to Jerusalem.
I believe in open opinion’s. Let’s include logic and/or foster false hope causing division among the faithful. Even Bishop Vezelis concludes, “The Great Apostasy is irreversible. It is irreversible because it has been foretold in holy scriptures…”

As a reminder, in my 1991 lecture I predicted that one of the AntiChrists will clash with the Jews which AntChrist # 4, (Benedict XVI) has been doing in the last 9 months. Apoc.17:16. First with the approval of the 62 Missal for sspx and Bishop Williamson’s denial of the Holocaust.

Once again, PRAY FOR UNITY, and Fidelity among Catholics.
Forget a future true Pope. 
In Christ, Joseph B. D. Saraceno ~ revised 2-19-19 St. Gabinus, M.

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