“As Sheep not having a Shepherd.” Mario Derksen

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As of late at the CMRI Fatima conference with his latest debacle, October 11 2018. “As Sheep not having a Shepherd,” where he states the “‘Great Apostasy,’ the ‘revolt’ spoken of by St. Paul the Apostle, which must precede the reign of Antichrist before the end of the world.” But Mario has it backwards, he denies that it was pope John XXIII as the precursor of the AntiChrist, as the “Star that falls from Heaven in Apocalypse 9”, as stated by the same book that he quotes by Father S. Berry, where Father Berry says, ‘who opens the gates of hell’, ( The Vatican II Council) which leads directly to the Reign of AntiChrist. Who was Paul VI. Page 98, (The Apocalypse of St. John.)  which I explain on my web site of the many of these AntiChrist popes in the end times. (Why sede vacante) Then he ends his article by saying, “….may we obtain the Grace to be given a true Pope again, petitioning the God who is the ultimate “Shepard and bishop of (our) souls.”

This is a denial of divine revelation by St Paul who tell’s us that this “Great Apostasy” is what brings Christ back, so there is no means to obtain the Grace to reverse this outcome, anymore then Our Lord could have stopped his Crucifixion.

Here you have Mario Derksen backing the Father Campbell, Gary Giuffre Pope Siri theory.

We Had Been Warned – Novus Ordo Watch

https://novusordowatch.org/category/we-had-been-warned/Dec 28, 2018 – … Washington, Mr. Mario Derksen, pictured below, delivered a lecture on the …. Cardinal Siri: Was he elected Pope Gregory XVII after Pius XII?

My Dear Friends I have given all of the Fathers 21 mysteries of the faith for the last 45 years, that cannot be refuted to this very day.. and without the Vatican II Council it would have been impossible to do so. My friends, the Holy Ghost did not die, He’s being ignored and being replaced through their CULTISM. Pretty soon it will be too late for them to make the correction. One cannot put the Priests, Mass and Sacraments above the TRUTH. Doing that just makes us Idolaters. “Man does not live by bread alone but by EVERY WORD that proceeds from the mouth of God.” Back then it was the “Show-bread” in the tabernacles.

You can find this and all the answers you need to help and guide you in these end times on my web site.   Go to “Why Sede Vacante,”  www.catholicendtimetruths.com

Grace be with you, In Christ, Joseph B.D. Saraceno